Friday, 21 October 2016

Carousel part 4: COLOUR FORMULA

As i am making this Carousel along side you all and haven't got to it yet, one or two are asking about colours to use in part 4. Because there are only 8 colours and we need 16 hexagons, then you will need to make 2 of each.

TO GET STARTED.... Make 2 centres in each colour but where to go from there?  if you haven't the confidence with colour?

Option one would be to use the same colour combos as in the part 3 pentagons....but you will need to add more rounds as the hex is bigger.

My suggestion is to use a colour formula line up all the colours in a shaded row like this...
Use your shade card you made if you made one, then follow the colours one after the other for each will start and finish with the same colour as the Hex in part 4 has 9 rounds.

Each motif will be different because you start with a different colour each time, your shade card might be different to mine so you will have slightly different colour combinations

It might be: 
1. Sandstone, 
2. Greengage, 
3. Waterfall, 
4. Atlantis, 
5. Viola, 
6. Peony, 
7. Carnation, 
8. Charcoal 
to give you a second option of a colour formula list.

Where ever you start you then follow the list of colours in order,

start with Atlantis
so the next colour is Viola
the next Peony
the next Carnation
the next Charcoal
then you start with the first on the list so the next will be Sandstone
the next Greengage 
the last Waterfall

each time starting with a different colour so each motif will be different.

But feel free to do a more random selection if thats what you want, just remember you need to use roughly the same amount of each colour for each motif..or you could run out of one before the other.

Hope that helps you to pick your colours for the Extra Special Carousel


  1. Thanks so much for the color tips Sue! I will follow that guide and have lots of fun with the Marl/greengage. I am just now putting the pentagons on..about half way. Life keeps interrupting, as you well understand!

    1. Hi Bleue, oh yes! i certainly do understand that one. Have fun and I'm sure you will come up with a fab marl colour combo you love...and maybe use the colour formula in other projects too have fun xx