Monday, 3 October 2016


Yarn Pooling or Colour Pooling has been around for a long time but seems to be back in fashion again....easy technique once you get going, here are a few tips to be mindful of and might help you if you want to have a go....worth a play if you have a ball of even space dyed yarn hanging around 
 Started out ok....but a knot through a spanner in the works

 so it reverted back to coloured squares instead of the Argyle type pattern 

Have a go, its fun to see what appears

1: Works best with colour changes of about 6-12" long, a colour change that gives you 5/6/7/8sts per colour.

2: Wind you ball and check for knots and joins..these can totally send the pattern off and it's not easy to tie it in the right position again.

3: Tension, tension, need to keep it even, variations can send the pattern off yet again.

Other than that if fun seeing it all emerge, takes quite a few rows to see the pattern.

There are lots of experience colour pooling experts on the net so check out a few of them then have a go it made rows of same stitch crochet less boring to do for me.

Couple of good You tube video's worth a watch... and a few Great pictures on Pinterest  

Twist Collection quite scientific and fascinating

Glamour for You  is a really good easy tutorial and video on Colour pooling and has a list of yarn that work well 

Dayan Knits a knitted version using Rowan yarns 

Repeat Crafter ME another good post about planned colour pooling

Only the Knitted post from UK so far that I could find...and anyone finding an evenly space dyed yarn easily available in UK let me know 



  1. Thanks for sharing this and the links which I will check out later - didn't realise you could plan what happens to the colours using space dyed yarn, could be fun!

  2. can you recommend any yarns available in UK?