Saturday, 25 August 2018


A simple 8 round granny square with colour changes in some rounds to create this granny Square tartan blanket, make as many of the squares as you want to create a square or rectangular blanket/throw

Or make less squares to make a long 2 row wrap 

Join as you go with each granny square 

Shari Henderickson who is member of my Facebook group Granny Squares 
has had a go at the tartan with her first Granny Square

Well done, see how some of the colours become dominant 

Another member has a go with her Tartan Square
Michaela Miron, well done

Keep them coming xx

A 3rd version of the tartan square from
Nettie Godfrey

 Another fabulous blanket in the making well done all 
4th square made and looking fabulous too by Anne Purdham 

Mine and the first 3 squares done side by side for you to see how they all differ

Another group members square looking great
Jackie Bifaro


  1. I love how looks my square like a blanket xx thank you very much for this pattern.Planning to do cushion cover :)

    1. Hi Mihaela, your very welcome, it does look lovely, I will Look forward to seeing your cushion progress xx

  2. While I am challenged when it comes to coordinating colors, the possibilities with this is endless!!! I can't wait to try it!!