Monday, 5 October 2009


Left at 8.45 leaving the boys with Annie.....thanks from all of us Annie....couldn't have gone with out your help

Great journey stopped off at the causeway for provisions
and arrived about mid day found our pitch and up she went

Weather wasn't bad a bit of drizzle at night but sun shone a good bit in the day
both a bit sick in the evenings so missed the Halloween partying but all in all a good weekend with a great Just Kampers crowd on the Ging Gang Goolie field on the

Fantastic site everything you could want for a family holiday can see why it's won awards every year...and didn't realise till l got there a site James had stayed at with the Downhill Mountain bike crowd about 8/9yrs ago....that's an annual event and its next week too hehe

Walked into Cheddar village about 25/30 minutes away and spent a few pennies on some pretties hehehe

And a new bag and purse to go with my camping wellies......bit of fun and lots of pockets

Cuppa at a proper tea rooms with Rose print tea sevice my Mum used to have...memories!!

Took a detour to Weston-Super-Mare on the way home fish and chip lunch.....yum then the
141 mile return journey and arrived home about 6ish

Good nights sleep but l did wake up to find Mr T on my feet, Bruppers at the back of my knees and Splodge in my lap!!

Rosy red doll cheekes when l got up...hehehe was a little bit hot wrapped in all that fur
Think they missed me maybe!!! hehehe


  1. oohhhh camper vans!
    Love em!
    One day I'll have my dream and own one!

    What a super time away you had...and I love the wellies!xx

  2. wow suz.....looks like you had loads of fun!! what was cheddar like?? fancy having a look next time i am visiting the in laws. The van looks great too, hope it was not too cold for you

    see ya wed


  3. Hi Mel..wasn't my dream but l got hooked very fast wouldn't be without it now..lots of fun and lots of new friends because of Noo Noo hehe

    Hi Kaz..yep always fun the get togethers....not cold at all lucky maybe!
    Cheddar is brill and you wouldn't beat the site everything you could think of and just a few miles from the coast and bigger shopping places too great place to stay l'd recommend it for sure
    Cya soon hearts will travel! hehe
    hugs xx