Thursday, 29 October 2009


The on going saga of the bathroom start the day a loo on the landing and yucky water on the landing carpet..good job its being changed hey!!!
l'm afraid the leak from the shower is still there after all this work too...really at a loss new sealer strip from www so fingers crossed yet again!!
so many cables and stuff under the old floor boards!!!
a working box from the old emersion heater was still live and under the floor boards!! help
Why do builders sweep all the rubbish under the floor boards?.....cleared it all out as we went
Proof...l did my bit too !
yards of cable had been left too...glad we did all this and we now know its all tidy and cleared....we really wish we'd done the bathroom ourselves in the 1st place would at least have been done properly...cowboy plumber!!!
hey presto a new wooden floor...well as much as we could replace anyway and the smell of new wood is gorgeous when you walk in the bathroom now
A couple of broken tiles to replace a loo that won't flush unless you tape the side hehehe.....something sticking Phil says!!!!
A good clean every where a coat of paint on the ceiling and lay a floor covering....
But what do we cover it with? we haven't removed the bath the floor is still tiled under it so now have to find something to do the new bit!!

Phil wants carpet and l like the idea of soft and fluffy but CARPET!!! in a bathroom not so sure
watch this space


  1. Nothing like the smell of new wood!! You looked pretty handy with the saw suz......I know where to come!! hee hee, glad its all coming together at last. Had busy week myself with being half term cost lots of pennies too, having to entertain children!! have good weekend


  2. Thanks Kaz hehehe Phil lets me practise a lot with the saw lol
    HELP!! l remember half term's well very expensive
    weekend should be fun off to Birmingham to have my colours done hehehe bit of fun
    hugs xx