Monday, 16 November 2009


Had a load of small granny squares...mmmm need to be re made in the heavier weight but l like the idea

Why does a 'use up yarn' project turn in to a l've got to 'buy more yarn' to finish it off project? hehe
loving it's yummy colour and will be a warm welcome into the hallway!


  1. I got so excites when that photo came up in my dashboard. It is beautiful!

  2. aaaahhh thanks Kate...makes a real sunny splash in the hallway that's for sure hehehe
    Still a long way to go...looked quite big 'till l put it on the hall floor hehehe

  3. oh i love cheerful and cute!x

  4. Very nice, i guess you are feeling a bit better? You have the coolest ideas....

  5. This is a great idea, are you using normal wool for the rug? i want to make a rug and i got excited when i saw yours, because i don't know where to begin with it lol.

  6. Thanks Mel
    Debbie yes thanks lots better small meals and no food after 4 in the afternoon seems to have made a big difference
    Artystitches...just the cheap stuff lots of acrylics l wanted to use up so l can use the Merino etc from now the colours of acrylics but hate the feel of some and the squeaky sound when you crochet heheeh

  7. Love the project and the colours. Very clever

  8. I absolutely love this cheery rug :) Do you have a pattern you are using? Or just freeform. My mom has been wanting a braid type rug for some time but I think she would be thrilled with one like this. Very nice crochet work :)

  9. Thanks Maria
    Thanks Guppygirl....hi just made it up as l went but had such a reaction to it l will add some instructional help to make it....ASAP
    But like you say l used freeform just increased when l felt it needed it and left out an increase row when l thought it was getting wobbly hehe