Saturday, 2 January 2010


Checker pattern
made with mixed Merino yarns and a 10 mm hook...could see the beginnings of an idea when l added the small balls left from the 'Partridge in a Pear Tree' and Christmas jewellery
checker pattern from one of the books l bought....all of them have some fabulous ideas stitches or tips in them...some stuff l'll never use some l'll try out and some l will probably work to death because l love the pattern hehe

A few months back l went to a wonderful little shop in Much Wenlock called IPPIKIN a real treasure house of ideas and yarns and the owner is so helpful

l did have a little play with the fabulous yarns l purchased but wasn't happy with what l did so l put them to one side for a rainy day!!
Must have poured yesterday!! lol.....l was inspired

Sorry l can't really share much of what l did with you yet but l'm hoping there will be lots of interesting experimental stuff and unusual yarn combos to come!!
l love January don't you?
l always seem to be flooded with lots of new ideas!! hehe


  1. Yep, definately and inspirational month, love the combo's. Glad I am not the only one up this early and blogging, lol! Have a great day.
    Nicky x

  2. I love those colours together, the ones on your header!
    Happy New Year!xxx

  3. Okay I've got to say it, how do you make the balls and what's inside them? I love the color combo on your header also, but I love your sense of color altogether. Love following your blog.

  4. Happy New Year Suz, Would love to learn how to make the crocheted bead and button necklace. Really fresh looking...... still no cupcake in the mail? Hope you had a nice Christmas as well have been laying low and enjoying the time off from my job at school.

  5. hehe keep at me Debbie..l'm diabolical at doing the mailing thing but it should go out this weekend Phil will be back at work and l will have time on my own to get some bits sorted
    The crochet beads l'll send you the link to the video l used
    Hugs Suz xx

  6. Thanks Suz, I don't want to be a pain...