Saturday, 13 November 2010


Still have  books in boxes and books piled high in my craft room so today a trip to Ikea for Billy Bookcases low ones to do the length of a whole wall in the bedroom at the bottom of the bed!
3x80cm and 1x40cm made up this afternoon 
and waiting to be attached to the wall for safety then l can play...every book l have that has a white or pastel spine will be on these shelves to keep the pale look of the bedroom flowers and lanterns on the top
couldn't wait so had a little play tonight...
a more interesting view from the bed now...well it will be when l've filled it with all sorts and there will always be a book to hand to read in bed

watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' on the can see Bruce on the screen

Sweet Dreams all xx


  1. I would love to have a wall mount telly in the bedroom!!

  2. Wow super shelves Suz! Love it.

    Hugs XX

  3. Hi Suz, Looks great and loved your lime green post yesterday...its my favourite colour. I have to say if it were my bedroom I would find it very hard to get out of bed each day, what with cats, books and telly!!