Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Only managed a three more flowers yesterday but aim to make LOTS today...fingers crossed
used white spray primer to paint them and gilding paste to add depth
going to add holographic card to the centres to give a little sparkle for the wreath l'm hoping to complete today!!
Not nice out there today very windy and lots of rain...a perfect crafting day don't you think? hehe

Breakfast calls
Have a wonderful Wednesday every one
hugs all x
ooops must get up now hehe....managed another 2 flowers 1st thing..
almost a circle...


  1. flowers look amazing!! I had a go at on but must be doing something wrong!! think i need to spray paint them....will try again today, enjoy your crafying day suz, weather panys
    ts here too xxxx

  2. Hi Suz,
    Lousy weather here the flowers,they remind me of those papery white and coloured flowers,helichrysums, that are grown for dried flower bouquets need lots of loo visits to get a toilet roll middle!!!I havent saved them for a while, mistake!
    Have a great crafting day. Byeeee

  3. Great little flowers! You always seem to get so much done - makes me feel sluggish!!
    Lol - word verification is.....
    gas meta

  4. Sorry just re-read my comment! meant to say weather is so PANTS!!! lol those flowers are driving me mad!!! hee hee

  5. Loving all your flowers, Suz. Well, loving ALL the goodness you share on your blog. Your mind and fingers never rest, I'm thinking. *Ü*

  6. Hi Suz, if it's any consolation it's ripping it down here in Wiltshire too. How on earth are you my friend, I was thinking of you today with it being Wednesday and all, I do miss our crafty Wednesday natter along with Sarah. I am thrilled to see that your still making your gorgeous flowers. Plus, I see you have moved home too. As always your blog is an inspiration and a fantastic read with a nice hot cuppa.
    Miss you sweetness
    Jane x

  7. Your wreath is looking good already. Can't wait to see the finished result!