Thursday, 4 November 2010


I'm in love....with a lovely piece of white oak hehehe
window sill went in and the foot plate extravagance that was worth every penny
always had a bit of a thing for a lovely piece of wood lol
Walls got painted this wall will have a Belfast/butlers sink covering it asap so not too worried about the slightly uneven finish and the sill is only placed at the moment needs fixing down but l just had to share it with you..don't ya just adore a nice piece of oak?

fitted the foot plate too..same white oak...
both need sealing to finish but l love them so much think we will change or add(some missing) all the window sills as we complete each room
was great having the big cutting out table to mark out the wood too and l didn't make too much mess yesterday lol
threw a few of the half made colourful crochet cushions on the orange another little job to add
Been meaning to give the continental knitting a go some time well sometime was last night...
mmm well l will keep trying but been knitting the old way for a very long time so struggled with the new continental way
making a simple knitted cushion with a button fastening on 7's with three strands of DK 2 cream and one a beige tweed of which l've run out of so will get some more today takes me about 1.30minutes to do a row of idea why 57 it just looked about the right size

really could have done with bigger needles but used what l had 
didn't get to the cards yet again....visitor stopped play hehe
but l did manage to re cut the 'BAKEWELL' sign l've been playing with for months..still not sure its going in the right direction but l just love cutting out hehe
hugs from Bakewell have a terrific Thursday all xx


  1. Hi Suz, That oak looks lovely. We have all dark wood and lots of it in our house, love it but also love the light so am really enjoying your house transformation with all the white and soft colours.The cushion is looking good, never tried 3 strands, charity shops now seem to be displaying needles again if you want bigger ones..always thought it was daft they considered them dangerous weapons!! Have a great day. x

  2. Aw...I love your blog!! Have a great day!

  3. All looking good so far - you tire me out just reading about all your activities. Missing our get togethers but been a bit tied up with family and stuff!!

  4. Continental knitting?? Fill me in please, Suz -I haven't even heard of it ;)