Sunday, 23 October 2011

64 days until Christmas!!!!!!!

So l've joined a 'Get Organised for Christmas' site 
Daily reminders of what needs to be done...hope it works!

Just got to try these too..
LEMON DROP CUP CAKES..USA recipe for friends across the pond lol
UK recipe for the Lemon butter cream..going to try some Chocolate Cup cakes today too
Link to lots of flavoured butter cream recipes 

Found a few Christmas tips on PINTEREST click to see my boards....GREAT PICTURE SITE

Boil a pan of yummy goodies and fill the house with the smell of Christmas

Not a Christmas tip but a great Idea all the same..
from the Storage Glee

l always struggle to store Christmas decorations..this is so simple but brilliant, i'll definitely be giving this one a go
from RE-NEST
 l've added all of these to one of my picture boards
worth joining if you love picture inspiration and tips on all sorts
Painting door frames and skirting today so we are completely ready for Wednesday and normality at last
Have a Special Sunday
hugs to all x


  1. I'm not sure how your website works anymore. There are all these pictures that take ages to load and no indication of your home page. Am I on it now? I have no idea how it works. It has also messed up my comments and made them disappear. Can you explain how it works? Not sure I will be able to get back here though.

  2. You have posted a comment and l got it the moment you posted it
    Click on A PICTURE and you get the full post as you have done, then click comments and it comes up at the bottom and not in a separate window
    As you are anonymous l can't reply too or find you either!
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Hi Suz, Christmas??? oh no not yet for me :-) I'm celebrating other things today :-)
    Big hugs,
    A x
    ps I'm still having to try ceveral times to post you a comment :-(

  4. Lots of fab ideas on your PINTEREST boards Suz!

  5. Hi, Suz!
    I love your pins so much, I 'll have to like or repin all of them! I'm following you!