Friday 7 October 2011


well plastered yesterday..all done and dusted by 4ish but just look at it this morning....
already drying out even though it's really cold this morning
Autumn has booked in for sure

THINKING SCARVES right now and who else would you take a peek at but
The French crochet artist and her beautiful scarves..right out of my price range l;m afraid but l might try and make something similar may be something like this..
or this one....
or this one..
not a copy but use them as inspiration
Sophie uses multiple strands of sewing cotton thickness yarns (up to 60 sometimes) worked together to make stunning muted works of art to wear
take a peek at her work here at SELVEDGE DRYGOODS

have a fabulous Friday everyone
hugs to all xx


  1. Kitchen is looking good Suz. You will soon have it all ship shape again. Those scarves are stunning but as you can imagine my spare time is taken up with tiny knitties at the mo :-)
    A x

  2. Yep, I discovered Sophie courtesy of Selvedge last year, you can create a similar effect from Noro yarn or some of the cheaper muted sock yarns. I wont even comment about the cost of her pieces, needless to say there was some displayed on the Selvedge stand at Knitting and Stitching yesterday. Have a fab weekend. xx

  3. I read that Digard pieces were made in Madagascar I think it was. She certainly doesn't make them herself but just designs them. I don't think they are expensive for the hours and hours of work involved - anyone who works it out will see they are cheap at the price. However, that is still far to expensive for me, so yes if you want one the answer is to make one yourself! They are very beautiful and well worth the time and effort.

  4. I saw a Digard item in a period piece movie, it was a little crocheted jacket. Little colorful circles - just adorable. I started to make something similar, but making the little circles turned out to drive me insane. :-) Hope you get your kitchen back soon! You poor babe! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Love the crochet work: I am sure you could add some Suz flair and come up with something inspired by but totally original! I look forward to seeing what lovely finish you bring to your kitchen too!!