Sunday 2 October 2011

Living Dangerously....

A shout from Phil yesterday sent me running to the garage....MEN!!!
He will never ask for help and was struggling to get Bertie's body high enough to get the chassis back underneath...but it was beginning to topple 
Health and safety would have shut him down hey? hehehe
Together we managed with a few wobbles to get Bertie back together again, well almost
Bit frightening at times but we managed to get two metal poles under both front and back, so if it fell it wouldn't go far and then started the slow journey 
up, up,up and down, down, down
Not quite there yet but Phil needs to add some rubber seals to it some where..too technical for me hehehe

Looks a bit like a hot rod at the moment lol
At least it is solid again and a lot less lacy!

SOMETHING ERIE THOUGH THE BEDROOM me out of bed to a sky that looked like we were being visited by another world...
Don't like the jagged edge on 2 sides with trying to make a rectangle so a large Hex it will be
made 15 moifts yesterday and l'll add them today
Growing slowly

Have a Super Sunday everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. Wow its fabulous, love it sue, cant wait to see the finished throw :)
    Karen x

  2. You two are something else!!!!

  3. hai sue, just added you to my list of favourite blogs, i hope that one day ill be able to make something so beautifull! right now i just started crocheting ( is that the right word? i'm dutch so i don't know for sure).
    thank you for you lovely blog!

  4. Oh my.. yes, boys and their toys.. big rusty dangerous things! My son is putting his 1968 GTA Mustang back on the road. We're going to look at it today and he said it sounds like a race car.. I'm sure his neighbors are thrilled. :-) You hex is MAGNIFIQUE!! I'm jealous! We're taking our 4 grandsons to the zoo today.. wish me LUCK! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)