Sunday 9 October 2011


Still experimenting...this one is mixing textures together..chunky 2 strands DK 6mm hook in the centre and Hot sock yarn and 4mm hook on the edges
a few more squares...again a mix of texture acrylic centre and sock yarn on the out side
and stars too...
Just not happy with the very subtle and to me, dark sock yarn, l feel the need to add splashes of bright colours
Do you remember the March Holiday project again influenced by Sophie Digard but l used 
100% Merino and a tiny hook but slightly brighter colours
more me l feel but l will persevere with the sock yarn and keep mixing it with a few brights see if it appeals more
These too are more me for colour...
the lime green a big favourite of mine is party needed to find this project hiding some where in my craft room....wish me luck it could be any where lol

Thanks for the house repairs good wishes the plaster has almost completely dried over the weekend
so painting and wallpaper next but not sure when Midlands Restoration will be back to finish the repairs...the bit l hate the waiting

Have a Soothing Sunday everyone
hugs x


  1. I like the style of the motifs in the second picture. But you're right, they need more COLOUR. Muted can be nice, but it's a little bit boring at times!
    I've recently been inspired by Gustav Klimt. I haven't actually put anything into action yet, but I think some of his works of art would translate to a crochet bedspread quite nicely.
    xXx Helen

  2. I saw some of these today in the flesh at Ally Pally show. The pale ones were equally beautiful, although I usually lean to darks.

  3. My favorites are the 2nd squares set tight together. I like the muted colors. Sometimes life calls for soft tones.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. All beautiful attempts and very Sophie-esque. What do you think of combining color strands in the individual motifs instead of solid rounds. I think what makes the sophie's so interesting is that they look as if they have a depth to them because they mix so many strands of thread together. they don't appear flat but more 3-D

  5. Hi...fabulous idea if you have the stash of very fine yarns, I agree great depth to her work.