Tuesday 4 October 2011

Thanks for the coffee Annie and Jo

A quick visit to two lovely friends Annie and Jo yesterday Thanks girls always a lovely outing and so glad to hear M and the twins are home again and M is well on her way to a full recovery

 My car just turned into the car park of Simon Boyd's fabulous fabric shop. I wasn't planning it and i have no idea what l'll do with the 6 fabrics l bought either, but love them all and the colours
CLARKE AND CLARKE:....some lovely fabrics
and the ROMANCE COLLECTION is real pretty and worth a peek too

Lime and Plum Colourway...l seem to be really drawn too just lately...the crochet hex's l did a couple of days ago co-ordinate well
and always love the blue and lime

Thanks for the layout comments girls, still deciding what to do
So bear with me for a few days won't you...I do like the clean tidy look though, something in me wants to 
de-clutter my life, l find it hard to get rid of 'stuff' but done it must be and my blog is the start

please keep everything crossed that we get our dry cert. today and the remaining work can be finished off and the house back to normal again
Afternoon  update:
A few flower from the fabric...

apply them to the fabric or make a throw with them?

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
hugs to all xx


  1. Ha! My car does that sometimes too. Most recently I was going past the supermarket and automatically pulled in. I thought to myself "What on earth are you doing?!" Turned around and kept on going. Although sometimes I have been known to stop and purchase at whatever location I might have ended up!
    xXx Helen

  2. Wahooooooo. Third time lucky. It really is not easy to leave you a comment Suz.
    It was so lovely to see you yesterday. Thanks for popping out and for the lovely gifts you gave M. She was really moved.
    A x

  3. Helen...naughty cars hey? lol

    Thanks for persevering Annie..a real friend you are
    Seems like these new layouts are a work in progress and they will add/change stuff over the next few weeks