Sunday 30 October 2011


Piped mash and home baked Apple pies...for a non-cook l'm quite enjoying the new me....and taste?...not 'arf bad, if l say it myself lol
Put it this way there isn't a lot left hehehe

We were given a huge bag of cooking apples, free food always tastes good hey? So we chopped and cooked 8 apples yesterday.....
Jars of Apple sauce to go with pork and chicken this coming week, apples pies to go with cream/custard and 2 containers of apple for the freezer. 
Another 12 apples to go...going to make a great stock of apple for the winter months..this is fun!

Even the 'TO DO' SNAGGING LIST isn't a chore when you do
 just one or two a day until they are all done

Yesterday we managed 5 before lunchtime....
French door trims, 
front door trim, 
shelf and mirror back up 
and the work top edge strips glued on

Still seems like a long list of snagging to do but a couple a day will see them finished in no time at all and we still have time to sit and chill
Sunday's 'to do'
Phil gets a day on Bertie today and l'm using the  mantra below to get me through the dumping ground of a mess in my work

If you can envision something as beautiful and wonderful, so it will be.
 To turn an ugly situation into something good, focus on the positives. 
Refuse to dwell on what you don't like or wish you could change. 
After all, when your perspective changes, the object can too.

Have a super Sunday
hugs to all xx
sorry about the comments problems, doing my best to get it fixed


  1. You sound like a butterfly that has just emerged :-) Cooking and baking :-) Keep at that snagging list and you will get there :-)
    A x

  2. Good job on using those apples. I would *love* to have a nice warm apple pie.... my mom was famous for them. Your mantra should help me work on my awful "office".. but I think I'll crochet instead.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Thanks both...The new me hey? hehe
    Hugs x