Monday 24 October 2011

2nd Effort: Chocolate Cup Cake

They won't win any competitions but l'm having fun making them, have l found a new hobby?
came across a wonderful little Cup Cake book too by Lindy Smith...some stencilled ones l want to have a go at for Christmas with silver or gold powder
Still a wip for the butter cream....and l didn't know which piping nozzle to use either
lots more practise needed l think

Phil entered Noo Noo is a 'Love My Bus' competition at the weekend and won!!!!
£220 to be spent at the show on something for your camper
he was chuffed to bits...we both were


  1. Oh Suz...I am having trouble with your site's new format!!!

  2. Love the buns and well done Noo noo :-)
    A x
    ps still having to type a message in twice to make a comment but have learnt to copy and paste it in now :-)

  3. Well done Phil and Noonoo. I wanted to say - love your buns Suz but that sounds all wrong some how!! lol

  4. Gah, I'm having to rewrite a second time, comment disappeared into the ether!

    I love your cupcakes Suz, and for someone who is a relative cupcake beginner it looks like you are tackling some advanced designs! I loved your last lot too. What I really loved was that you only had 4 left to decorate! That sounds like me, but I wouldn't have bothered by then, I would have just scoffed the lot.
    Well done, Phil and Noo Noo on the win.
    xXx Helen

  5. Wow those look fab, you are a natural at the decorating . All mine disappeared so i'm going to have to make more tomorrow, but not sure what flavour. For now I better get to bed. Night x

  6. Thanks everyone....having fun with them, so long as they taste OK l'm and look a bit pretty l'm happy
    SORRY for the problems, l've contacted Blogger and hope they sort it soon for comments
    Hugs Suz x

  7. Your cupcakes are gorgeous, you make it look very easy. Marlie

  8. Hi want to see the kitchen when i've finished playing hehehe..hurricane comes to mind lol
    But thanks xx