Tuesday 11 October 2011

Crochet Jewels..

About 12 star to do to finish the scarf

close up of the tiny squares..

A few fill-ins for the Daisy Granny Square
Has made a lovely Christmas pressie and not taken too long to make, a few of these for Santa may be

Never though l would enjoy making something so fiddly and tiny either
Thanks Sophie Digard for the inspiration
Hows this for a back yard?
Netley Interiors...where l went to get the paint...they live there as well as it being their business
stunning place

Hugs to all x


  1. The photomosaic looks like a collection of kaleidoscope pictures, which I love. The scarf looks really beautiful and delicate.

  2. Hi Karen...Oh! yes it does doesn't it, l used to love those little tubes of colour as a child
    Might try and track one down again
    Thanks for reminding me of a child hood memory
    Hugs x

  3. What a beautiful scarf - you have such exquisite taste!

  4. Hello Suz!
    Your Star Scarf is so beautiful! I like it!
    Olga ☼