Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Crochet Daisy Pattern as a teeny tiny....

This time made with the Merino and Hot sock yarns and a 3mm hook
This picture will give you a good idea of how small they are
Looks totally different from the original Daisy Granny Square from way back in 2009
and the set of cushions l made earlier this summer
A very useful pattern
Not sure where this teeny Daisy is going yet, but l just wanted to see if it worked ok

9 mile trip today to collect the Kevin McCloud paint we need for all the new doors.
They are starting to mount up so l need to get painting, we wanted to keep them the colour they are a very very pale, grey, green, off-white.
Kevin's colour bone white, was exactly the same colour but not easy to track down

Have a Terrific Tuesday
hugs to all x

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  1. Hi Suz - thanks for the link - it looks easy - i will give it a go. x Jo