Sunday, 25 December 2016



A Nice new pair of sunglasses crying out for a new bead n bezel necklace and of course it had to be in my favourite yarn of the moment BATIK...
 So my afternoon project was a new necklace, a slightly different version to the first Bead n Bezel necklace in October last year.......Pattern HERE

And then there were two...
Bead N Bezel Necklace 
4mm hook
Stylecraft Batik used for this particular necklace but you could use any dk or 4ply
 About 9 beads make a good size necklace but yo can make as many as you need. DK yarn or finer but the finer the yarn the more sc [dc], you will need to do to fill the finger wrap.

 finger wrap of 10 wraps
 ROUND 1: 14sc [14dc], into the finger wrap, sl st to complete.
 ROUND 2: Cover the first 14sc [14dc], with 33sc [33dc], approx. another two rounds, sl st to complete, cut off and weave in end.
 ROUND 3: Att bezel yarn in any st, 2sc [2dc], in every st, this can vary by 1 or 2sts, on each bead, no need to count them it isn't that important they are all identical.

 ROUND 3: Second bead, 2sc [2dc], into half of the sts, again its approx. then do 2sc [2dc] into one extra sts, approx 18 cont. [36sc (36dc)]

 ROUND 3: Cont. to do 1 or 2sts, more than half of each bead until you reach the last bead.

 CHAIN CORD: ch approx, 60sts, longer or shorter if you require. be careful not to swist the necklace. 

 Att. ch, cord to the first bezel at approx half way,with a sl, 
 Return along the ch, on the side of the unfinished beads, 1sc [1dc], in each st
 when you reach the first unfinished bead n bezel, continue with the 2sc [2dc], in each st, of first bead
 when you reach the next bead sl st around the joining st.
 Continue with 2sc [2dc], in every st, and sl st, on the joining sts, until you reach the first completed bezel, sl around the joining st, leave a long end to sew off securely.
 The Bead N Bezel necklaces can be made in a selection of colours or in just one colour.


  1. Oh I love this necklace pattern of yours! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy Christmas to you and your family xx

  2. Thanks a lot for your tutorial. This necklace is amazing! I especially love the color combination in your post first picture.

  3. Many thanks Susan, I have been looking for something light to wear as a necklace. I had cancer treatment four years ago on my neck and radiotherapy left my skin tender to touch so your pattern is ideal. Many thanks and a big hug

    1. Hi Annie, perfect for a light weight necklace, love mine lots, you hardly notice they are there have fun xxxx