Sunday, 13 August 2017


The edging stitch has ch5 picots at every ch3 sp, the first and the last picots are joined together to 'straighten' the sides a little.

 pictures above and below is the joined ch5 picots that fill in the 'dip' and make for a straighter edging

US Terms
Aran weight yarn
5mm hook
Black yarn to finish

ROUND 1: Att yarn in the second ch3 sp on any corner, 2sc, ch5 picot, 2sc in same ch3 sp, sc in next 3 sts, 2sc, ch5 picot 2sc in next ch3 sp, repeat for the next 4 x ch3 sps, 

sc in next 3sts, into dip, sc into centre join sp, sc, in next 3sts, of next octagon, 
2sc into first ch3 sp, ch2, use the next ch st as a sl st into the last picot loop of the previous octagon ch2, complete the picot, s2sc into same ch3 sp, sc in next 3 sts, 2sc, ch5 picot 2sc in next ch3 sp. repeat to end

Always joing the last and the first picots together to form a triangular join between octagons
and 'straighten the sides a little

first and last picots joined 

Love this edging to the wrap, tried it on the blanket and it doesn't work so there will be another edging for the blanket next week

Some pictures of the blanket so you can see that it's not working on a large area blanket. It needs something far deep maybe a couple of inches adding.
I don't think i will be unpicking whats been done, but adding to the edging stitch already there.
Love the blanket though just needs more inches!

 It's made quite a generous size blanket so far.