Monday 7 August 2017

PART 7: Rule of 12, scrap yarn mini CAL.

Part 7: the infill squares that pull the whole piece together and give you the almost complete design.
The joining together of the circles has left a square between each circle and you should have a free ch3 loop on each side of the square "hole" that needs to be filled. I did try all sorts of shapes and filing the complete hole too but my favourite is the one i'm sharing with you today and i feel it gives you a lovely secondary pattern.

US Terms
Finger wrap of 4 wraps, 
ROUND 1: ch2, counts as first dc, 2dc into circle, ch1 sl st into the first ch3 loop of the "hole' ch1, 3dc into finger wrap, ch1 sl st into the next ch3 loop on the second side of the "hole", repeat until the square has been joined to all the 4 sides of the 'hole' sl st to complete. [12dc, 8ch sts, 4 sl st.]

Sew off all the ends securely, just the picot edging stitch to come next and that will be at the end of the week so this mini cal will end.


  1. This pattern is so much fun to do and so cheery. Thanks Sue.

    1. Hi Judon, thanks and glad you are enjoying it xx