Monday 28 August 2017

WORK ROOM CLEAR UP......and cushions every where

And clear out......if you're local and want to see the yarns, then pop by.
So far i've got 3 tubs, 3 boxes and several bags all needing a new home and a bargain at 50p a ball

 From tomorrow its open house this week, then it will be off to a car boot to clear some yarn space.

someone wasn't helping but falling asleep on the only box that was empty... Thanks Mr T

 Still a mountain to climb, but at least by bedtime yesterday i could see the floor and most of the table too
 all the chairs need painting...a rainbow of colours i think?
and i've sorted the small mountain of cushions out 
and this was just a few of them i found lurking in the depths of the wool bags

Picked a few to keep,  some to finish and which to many we're drowning in cushions
 the cushions that have survived best over the years and cats and washing are the ones made with a high % of wool or in cotton, the acrylic ones are not in as good a shape...
never again will i make an acrylic cushion 

sorted at least large blue 3 Ikea bags out this morning 

but there are still about 30 smaller bags and 20 boxes of samples to go through.....
lots better than it was before the weekend but still a long way to go


  1. Mighty good looking stash of your makes. It's amazing how fast our inventory builds up. Looks like you're making good progress.
    xx Beca

    1. Thanks Beca, getting there, still so much to sort, i don't know what to do with it all lol x