Wednesday 16 August 2017

NEW YARNS...How to create a range of your own colours

Unused yarn?..... do you have a yarn you loved, bought and then didn't know what to make with it? 

Several balls of this multi coloured yarn is waiting for just the right project, but nothing i tried worked for me. 
 Decided to mix it with several pain dk yarns to give me several colours of the same yarn, far more useable now. Some work better than others but from one yarn i now have several different colours of a rainbow tweed yarn to play with...another Rule of 12 maybe but with another join method maybe, for now i just making lots of 3 round, Rule of 12 circles and thinking about the join to come..


I have made 64 circles out of 2 balls of the150g Aran weight yarn from Pound Stretcher
Mixing it with 400g Emu Aran 25% wool as the back ground colour..

 I managed to complete all 64 circles yesterday and 2 Rows joined so far, i worked like a mad person yesterday so i didn't need to think too much about how sad I felt,
 a very sad day yesterday.....

 RIP Lettuce, you will be so missed XX


  1. so sad for you. We love our pets. I had a tuxedo cat named Charlie. He was soooo sweet.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Take care from Iowa, USA

  3. I am so attached to all of my pet cats Sue, I see them as furry family & become inconsolable when they pass from my life. My husband always say No more cats Linda. But to me a home is so empty without a furry friend. No one to greet you when you come home, no one to snuggle up to & creep into your heart with unconditional love. My sympathies for your loss.