Thursday 24 August 2017


Loving the Nettle yarn so far its delicate, soft and very pretty, not my usual chunky stuff but maybe a new direction to explore?

Only 12% Nettle so will look out for a higher % if they do it, impressed so far. It crochets well and its too expensive if you use a pattern that uses lots of 'holes' in the design. lol

its growing 1" for every 2 row pattern and takes me around 15minutes to do ta couple if inches, perfect for the 15 Minute Rule...if i cant get to spend a day on it in one session
10g makes approx 5" with this pattern
so for a reasonable size scarf i will need 2 x 50g balls and it should be around 50" long and approx. 10" wide so @ £6.45 only £12.90 for a fabulous and unusual scarf..not bad at all i don't think
Yarn from Ewe and Ply  click to see more
our local Ethical yarn shop in SHREWSBURY'S Market hall

soft, dreamy and delicate Nettle, and no sting in the tail 
Nettle yarn
4mm hook, bigger than recommended
US Terms 

This mess pattern repeat is multiples of 4sts +2
For the Netle scarf I'm doing 46 for the mesh and another 4sts for the flower stem.
Make a small flower
finger wrap of 10 wraps, 
ROUND 1: 14sc into circle
ROUND 2: ch2, dc into fist st, dc, ch2, sl st into same st, sl st, into next st, repeat for the next 6 petals, sl st, to complete

 thats 46sts for the mess and a few extra ch sts for the stem of the flower using this method you don't need to be completely accurate with your base chain as the 'stem' sts can varies by a couple of stitches.
ROW 1: ch2,  hdc, in 2nd st, from hook, hdc, in next 44sts, turn,[46hdc]
ROW 2: Ch3, counts as first tr, tr in next st, ch 2, miss 2sts, repeat to end, finish with 1tr in last 2 sts, turn. [11 mesh spa, 12 mesh bars]

ROW 3: ch1, hdc in first 2sts, above the tr, 2hdc into ch2 sp, repeat to end, turn. [46hdc]

ROW 4: Repeat row 2, make sure your stitches line up about each other, tr, above tr. 

ROW 5: repeat row 3

continue to repeat rows 2 and 3 until the length required.

Not a cheap yarn but not a really expensive one either, this brand was £6.45 for 50g.
It's 180m so it should go quite a long way especially using the very open mesh stitch scarf pattern [update to come]
Nettle yarn, crochets well, feel quite soft and has a slightly waxy sort of feel to it too, [will update after a wash] with this mesh pattern it feels delicate and very feminine in the treble mess st. and for me a huge change of direction as i'm a usually an Aran weight lover not some one who works with delicate yarns. 
Fear of such a lovely yarn and cost are probably two reasons for the delicate pattern choice. lol 
Updates to come.


  1. Looks lovely, Susan. I'm wondering if that company ships to USA? I couldn't get the shipping address I entered to say United States, it kept saying United Kingdom.

    1. Hi do you mean Ewe and Ply or the yarn brand name? I can ask Ewe and Ply for you but guessing that if the site wouldn't allow a change to US it means they can only supply in the UK? x