Tuesday 8 August 2017


A year and 4 months ago i posted a picture of a sample piece of Mock Waffle, promising the pattern soon, well it never happened and then the sample went missing it's taken me this long to find it again hiding in a large bowl underneath a coffee table..so here is the pattern 

YARN:dk and 4mm hook 
Aran and 5mm hook

US Terms

I start with a simple flower and make a base chain of as many ch sts. as i think i need for the project...
A Scarf: I used Merino, 
4mm hook and 72sts +3sts [24 waffles]

Each mock waffle is 3 sts wide

A Baby Blanket, a soft Aran weight Alpaca yarn, 
5mm hook and 150 +3sts [50 waffles]

So if you want a different size project its multiples of 3 sts +3sts which will be the sc and ch2 loop in the first row.

Blanket : in one colour.
 Start and finish with a Flower,  finger wrap pf 10wraps, 
12sc into wrap, sl st to complete.

ROUND 1: ch3, sc into next st, ch3 sc into next st, repeat for 12 tiny loop petals.
ch6, as flower stem, continue...

Base chain +3sts 
Scarf: 72sts +3sts
Baby Blanket:150sts +3st

ROW 1: Turn sc in 5th st from hook, ch2, miss 2 sts, sc in next st, ch2, miss 2 sts, sc in next st repeat to end of row giving 50 ch2 loops and a spare  ch6 as the flower stem.

ROW 2: Turn, ch2 as first dc, 2dc, into ch2 loop, fpdc, around the sc, 2dc into next ch2 loop, fpdc, around next sc, repeat to end finish with 3dc, into last ch5 loop.

ROW 3: Turn, ch2, sc into sp, ch2, miss 2sts, sc into next st, [sc, is into the top of the fpdc st, of row before],  repeat to end, finish with a sc in the last st.

ROW 4: Turn, repeat Row 2.
ROW 5: Turn repeat row 3
continue to repeat rows 2 and 3 until your scarf/blanket is the size you want it to be.

Change colour every 6 rows and end last row with ch6, Finger wrap of 6 wraps, 
Round 1:16sc into wrap, sl st to complete. sew in end

Round 2: Using the next col. make 8 PETALS.
 Att. yarn in any st, ch 2, dc into first st, dc, ch2, sl st into next st, sl st into next st and repeat, make 8 petals sl st to complete, 6sc, over the ch6 stem, continue with the Mock Waffle pattern (sc in first st, miss 2sts, ch2, sc in next st repeat] until 3 patterns have be completed then change col. again.


  1. Think even I might manage this one 🤗🤗☺️

    1. Hi Chris, I'm sure you will get the hang of it xx

  2. Oooo, I love this pattern, definitely one I want to do. When I've finished the triangular lap blanket, And the tortoise hexagon blanket. And the different hexagon blanket I've just started cos my eldest son wants one that looks like a snow leopard....... Just not enough hours in the . Day for crochet!

    1. Hi Sarah, we all know and understand the time thing, good luck with all your WIP's xx