Monday 21 August 2017


Rule of 12 solid square blanket: the centre is now complete just a border to add, i used 2balls x 150g random dyed Aran yarn and
approx. 400g of Aran in a stone tweed colour to join them all together

link to rule of 12 posts and pattern 

Do you buy ethical yarns, do you even know and understand about ethical yarns?
I know a little and was horrified to see some of the practises from yarn manufacture. But where to stop with ethics? Cruelty to animals or people? Planetary concerns? People/company ethics?
Where do you stop? A personal decision for everyone to make...
 It's definitely a minefield of considerations

In town on Saturday i paid a visit to our own local ethical yarn company.

Based in our fabulous Market Hall in Shrewsbury and they have their own flock too

Ewe and Ply are a relatively new local yarn shop, doing well I presume as they have already moved to a bigger stall so there is room to enter the well stocked space, chat and squish away. 
They have a get together on the first Saturday of the month, 2nd September is the next one.

Some yarn brands I knew and some I didn't.
Some expensive and some not.

Love the idea of a crochet project from the SHROPSHIRE PLY,  their own flock, can't wait for the new 2017 wool to be spun and the new stock to be on the shelves shortly.
Shropshire Ply click for more info.

I bought a couple of the Shropshire Ply Legends from 2016 stock in 2 colours and i quote....
"Guinevere is blues (a very Medieval colour for women) and
Perceival the forest born knight is the green, pure of heart and the original finder of the Grail."
Beautiful to crochet with on its own or mixed with my favourite Alpaca yarns, to give me my favourite weight of yarn Aran and enable the use of my favourite 5mm hook

Such though has gone into their yarns, the ethics and the sourcing, it's defintely made me think a little harder about the ethics of my yarn use.

And i  now know where i can get a fabulous range of Alpaca from they stock the complete range of Drops Alpaca...

The alpaca fiber is untreated, which means that it is only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing.

Check out their site for Ethical info...was very pleased to see my favourite Clover hooks are OK..Phew! no idea what i would have done if they weren't?

I'm not a yarn snob, and will use anything i like the look of and works for me, but in the future i will be a little m0re aware of the production of yarns and where they come from 

Worth reading, one or two of the many features on Ethical yarns

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  1. This isnt anything i have ever thought of, ethics and yarn, but now you have me thinking and will research the ethical side of yarn i buy x thank you x