Wednesday 30 August 2017

WORKSHOPS: Making great progress on work room makeover

Chair painting today and the next couple of days...8 to paint and I took 
to get matched paints, close to the chosen 8 colours. 
colours like..... Warm Pink Suede, Hot Shot and Green Energy.

just a large match pot, 2 very helpful young men helped me search the hundreds of shade cards to find the best match. 
I'm hoping each pot will be enough to paint a chair, if not back for a second one and at £3 a pot with my 10% discount on Diamond Wednesday it's a great deal, even if i need a second pot for each chair.

It was far too expensive to buy 8 colours of chalk paints and have loads left over. 
So a mat varnish will be added to seal the emulsion paint.

8 of the chairs in the work room will be painted this week in readiness for the work shops.

Also found the giant floor cushion cover in one of the boxes this morning from Book 2
Granny Squares and Shapes...
 2 different colour ways one for each side
Lunch and then the chair painting will start....soon know if one match pot does the chair

Had a visit from a lovely new hooker Martha, not long moved to Shropshire and only lives a few minutes away.

 I do hope we will become firm friends, she has changed my life already, telling me about decluttering and getting rid of 10 items a week to be clutter free.

I cant stop, doing 10+ items a day to kick start the declutter. I've have already done the kitchen cupboards, airing cupboard, make up draw and my tights and wardrobe will be getting the same treatment.

 I'm using the 15 Minute Rule to do it too so not eating into my crochet time at all, the space is amazing just by removing 10 items and the you feel, light and free each time 10+ items go. Brilliant way yo declutter.


  1. Cannot wait to see the chair makeovers Sue, the colours are gorgeous.

    Was lovely to meet you Sue, you have been a big inspiration to me since i started crochet, not too long ago. Could not believe we live so close to each other. Huge bonus for me.
    Here is to a long and wonderful friendship xx

    1. Hi Misspiggy! was wonderful to meet you too. 4 painted about half an hour a chair with cleaning and drying brush between colours..loving them so far cya soon xx

  2. I love the match pots idea! Been planning to paint my kitchen chairs for a while....really excited by this, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Trish, good luck rub them down well to give a great key and varnish to seal because its only emulsion paint, look forward to seeing your new look chairs? xx