Sunday 30 March 2008

Exploding boxes every where!!!

OOOPS...mass production lol.....birthday, retirement and just for fun!!! the creamy yellow one has a maze album inside as a birthday card
done more sorting out today than scrapping getting there least the conservatory looks presentable again!!!!


Just quick hello this after....must go finish sorting my workspace out keep putting it off...ooops have a fab day everyone x

Friday 28 March 2008


Remember these diagonal striped cushions in simple rows of dc [tr)?

This is a version of the basic diagonal cushion in Moss Stitch, I've picking the colours from my workroom rug. Moss Stitch makes a much firmer and longer lasting cushion cover with very little stretch so it holds its shape for many years...
Moss stitch is an easy but wonderfully decorative stitch that can be used for borders on throws...

Moss Stitch Border

Round 1: start in a corner, sc, [dc], ch3, sc [dc], in the corner sp, miss a st, sc [dc], in the next st, ch 1, miss a st, repeat to end of row, repeat corner sc [dc],  ch3, sc [dc], continue to repeat side and corner stitches, to end sl st to complete cut off and weave in ends

Round 2+: change colour every row, repeat round 1

Quick pictorial HOW TO for the diagonal MOSS STITCH CUSHION
sorry this is only in US Terms


Moss stitch tightens up a little as you work it, this is a guide to the number of stitches for a particular size of cushion pad, but you would be best to do a tension sample as Moss stitch has very little stretch

These sts numbers are for Moss Stitch only
Using a double strand of DK or chunky worked together and a 6mm hook

70 base chain, will make a 13" diagonal cushion...but make an 18" straight cushion bag

82 base chain, will make a 16" diagonal cushion
90 base chain will make an 18" diagonal cushion
98 base chain will make a 20" diagonal cushion

The cushion could be made in dk and a 4mm hook but the stitch count will be bigger than these recommended numbers

Diagonal Cushion PATTERN
Worked in the round

For approx. 18" cushion pad
6mm hook 
2 strands of DK worked together as one or chunky yarn will make a firm and durable cushion cover

US Terms in black, 
UK Terms in brackets in red

ch90 stitches (length of the diagonal) in the first colour, 
ROUND 1:Cont. in 1st col. sc [dc], down one side of the ch70, then return and sc [dc], up the other side of the chain, 
an even number is required if you are doing Moss Stitch in the round

ROUND 2: changed colour every round, sc [dc], miss a st, ch1, sc, [dc], miss a st, ch1 repeat to end of round, sl st to complete

change colour every round to give a tweed look to the Moss st.

same colour every round..plain texture only
change colour every round...tweedy look
use 2 colours, used alternately gives a strip

over the opposite corners, the number of rows you need to make it meet in the keep going until the 'bag fits the cushion pad comfortably 
and meets in the centre diagonal

Straight cushion Bag
Above straight cushion bag...70sts base chain.


Exploding box in my favourite papers......copies from an embroidery l did, bedlinen, script print and a carry bag....punched flowers n hand cut out.....on black n white card stock

Thursday 27 March 2008

Family visit today...South Wales

Morning all....thanx for a brill crop Sarah....sorry you won't be free next wednesday but we'll keep your seat warm for you....sad time hope it goes ok

Off to Tony Pandy today visit family...going to be a long day but Thanx Mark for sorting the furballs out for us....x

Hoping to collect some photos of Phil and Cath (Phil's twin a true Gemini) from his sister so l can finish his album....managed to photograph all pmacs childhood photos for him thought he didn't have now he has about 30+ maybe make that a few more today......Photos today pmacs about 25yrs with Bagpuss and at 28 with his ya lots sweetheart xx

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Shropshire Scrappers Wednesdays here again!

Morning all...cya later girls and thanx Sarah for today

Think l'll re-name the Dawn fairy...MIDNIGHT......sounds cool like her and l'm certain she would be at her best and in bed at that hour! hehe.....

Tuesday 25 March 2008

Dawn Fairy....

Far too young far too sexy and l hate her!!!! lol....need someone a bit past it l think Dawn Fairy mark 2 coming this space...


Dug out some old drawings yesterday aah!! memories lol...used to draw all the time not done any for soooooo long bit rusty lol need lots of practise think l'll take a sketch book n pens on hols instead of a book this time...see what l can come up with

Sunday 23 March 2008

Got fed up with DIY!!!

So l did 4 LO's instead this afternoon!! lol...not really we forgot the no nails!!!

LO's...2 of the cats and 2 of the Garden....made all the papers


Chrysanthemum Shopper Pattern

One side and the other I used an extra few colours

Made with my version of a Suffolk Puff
A double layered circluar motif.
DK in several colours and in Black/Charcoal to finish.
4mm hook 

US Terms in black UK Terms in red brackets


Make 5 rows x 5 Chrysanthemums for each side and join as you go on the Charcoal Life last round, 50motifs in total.


A one finger wrap of 6 wraps

ROUND 1: 12 sc [12dc], into circle
 ROUND 2: Att, chrysanthemum colour in any stitch, 2tr [2dtr], in every st, sl st to complete. (24sts)

ROUND 3: This round is the back of the chrysanthemum and gives the double layer
crochet 1tr [1dtr] in every st but cluster every 2trtog, [2dtrtog],

 reducing the sts to the same size as the middle circle

 leave a long end, hand sew the stitches to the centre circle of the wrong side,
do not pull too tight.

 sew off end

ROUND 4: Att. Charcoal or background colour in any st, ch3, sc [dc], into next st, ch1 sc [dc], into next st repeat 3 more times, (5 x ch1 loops at sides ), in the corners ch3 and repeat for 4 sides
 Join as you go with using the 2nd ch st at the corners and the ch1 x 5 at the sides
join in 5 rows of 5 Chrysanthemums
then make the second side joining the same way but making a bag of the motifs start with a bottom corner and join the bottom row first then come up the bag joining as you go

I found that this number was a perfect size for a stool seat pad too
 ROUND 1: 2sc [2dc], in the first corner sp, 3sc [3dc], in each of the 5 ch1 sps, 2sc [2dc], in the last ch sp, in each of the 10 top edge motifs, sl st to complete. (190 sc [190dc] total)
 ROUND 2: 1sc [1dc], in every st, sl st to complete. (190sc [190dc])
 ROUND 3: Repeat round 2.....BUT miss a st at each dip of each motif, sl st to complete. (180sc [180dc])

NOTE: By missing a stitch at each dip you will keep the slightly wavy effect to the top of the bag.
STRAPS ROUND 1: Start in the middle of the second motif in from the right
att yarn, ch 70 (this can be lengthened if required), 

sc [dc]in st, in the middle of the 4th motif from the right.

NOTE: making sure you haven't twisted the long ch, 

sc [dc], in every st, of the next half motif, 2 complete motifs, and the next half motif, missing a st at each dip to keep the wavy effect, 

ch70 for the second strap, re-attach in the middle of the 4th motif from the right of the second side and repeat sc [dc],in every st missing a st at each dip. Until you reach the first 70ch st, sl st to complete

STRAPS ROUND 2: 1sc [1dc], in 70ch st, miss a st at the base of strap,

NOTE: Miss a st at the start and end of the strap as you do with the dips, so the change of angle lies flat .

sc in every st missing a st at dips, 1sc [1dc], in 70ch st of second strap, repeat to end, sc [dc], in every st, missing a st at each dip in motifs and at the start and end of each strap. sl st to complete sew in ends securely.

I Like the narrow straps but you could make them wider if your prefer
repeat STRAPS ROUND 2.

Alternative uses for the Chrysanthemum Motif
Throws or cushions?