Monday 9 December 2019

CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Free pattern Christmas Tree decoration.

Christmas tree decoration is taken from the Original pattern from a Pumpkin shawl decoration....

The doughnut in one colour and second colour for remaining decoration. Made in cotton yarns for the tree decorations.
US Terms
 DK Cotton, 4mm hook

First col. Finger wrap of 15 wraps,
ROUND 1: 14sc into ring, sl st, to complete,

ROUND 2/3: cont. to sc over the top of the first round, spacing the sts carefully until you have done ANOTHER 40 sc, sl st to complete weave in end.

ROUND 4: Change to main colour, [equally sp, 8sc around the bead], sc, ch2, between each sc, sl st to complete. [8 x ch2 loops] 

cont. in same col.
ROUND 5: 3sc into each ch2 loop, sl st, to complete cont. [8 loops]

ROUND 6: ch5, miss 2sts, sc into next st, ch5, miss 2sts, sc into next st, repeat to end sl st into first st. [8 x ch5 loops] cont. in same col.

ROUND 7: 4sc, ch3 picot, 4sc, into same loop, repeat in all loops, sl st to complete, add ch20 sl st, into fist st, to make a hanging loop.