Monday 28 January 2013

Growing slowly....

Added a couple more rows to the length...
A front is 18 squares this length
The Back is 42 squares
And a sleeve is 24 squares....
The back and the fronts will grow but adding the second sleeve next......
with the second sleeve it could be left this length but I am going to make it long I'm not sure yet but a row at a time and I quite like the tuned back cuff of one row making a 3/4 sleeve too.
12 circles already made 12 more to finish and then add.
Have to say it really is growing on me so you never know i might just wear it to Knit and Natter this coming week lol
catch up tomorrow
Happy Hooking everyone xx

Saturday 26 January 2013


Top of the jacket/coat with one sleeve made.....76 square so far
PJ's and hair all over the place this time hehe, having a lazy day as it snowed again.
Phil says he wants a waistcoat in the same granny square...few projects to finish first.
Have to say the hexagon is far easier to construct a good fit...squares are so rigid a shape.
Hexagons can turn corners.
 Started out with a square neck line didn't like it so trying a deep 'v'  instead...just a straight line from the neck one line of squares missing basically.
As I am using lots of small ball ends, the reason for the original designed granny square and almost every colour I have, something around 30 colours.
I don't think any one square will be exactly the same. The DK Marble in a cream/beige/grey colour is making for  tonal effect that I love
Not sure if I will ever wear it out side lol....but it will make a great lounging around the house, coat.
Very warm and cosy.....going to do the length next...bum length or knee length???
Watch this space.
Not so keen on the wide sleeve so I have draw it in for now and thinking about how I will do the cuffs

Happy Hooking everyone x

Thursday 24 January 2013


Seems I have so much stash that I can't even remember buying some of it..........oooops!
CHUNKY CUSHION....made from the new Sale purchase and a tangle of ball ends I don't remember buying!
The Marble chunky that I need to finish the Ikea seat came in, so I called at RKM on the way home after Knit and Natter yesterday....not going with Jo again though lol.
I wondered if I should buy some chunky wool in the sale and she had picked it up and was marching me off the the till before I could argue........the decision was made. lol
So I can now finish the Ikea seat cover asap.
After making the cushion cover I started a new cowl....another speedy project almost finished.
Do you come across wool you don't remember buying ever, or is it just me? lol
We had about a crochet hook depth of snow (15cm) then it started to melt but started again and added another couple of cm's...The cats are hating it, not like dogs at all who seem to love to play in it.
Great Visit from Erika and hubby yesterday, retrieving a book I kept forgetting to return.
Happy Hooking everyone

Monday 21 January 2013

Block stitch....Added a shell stitch edge to the wrist warmers

Just felt they needed something else to finish them off.....
Lace Top....made progress but still not finished needed a bit of colour other than the oyster lace
See the wk 4 GS in the back ground thinking of making a cardy with that
Happy Hooking x

Sunday 20 January 2013


HOW MUCH????????..take a peek at the original USA price
Just found it in the sale...
Love the fabulous shawl a lot but not that much, so set about to make a few items with the ever popular block st.


Alternate rows of dc worked in blocks of 3dc into the chain stitch loops.
Base chain multiples of 3chain
Round 1: 1dc in each stitch
Round 2: sc in the top of first dc, chain 2, sc in the 3rd dc st, repeat to end making a row of chain loops
Round 3; 3dc in each chain loop.
Simple, effective and very popular.
This was the inspiration for this collar and shawl WIP.
 made the collar in Marble DK and lavender DK 
Still to finish the edge and button fastening off but thinking i might make cuffs to match
then a cardy/jacket to put them on
Also making a chunkier shawl more the weight of Marc Jacob's Shawl
only a small sample at the moment.

A bit of a distraction from the lace top....although I have made progress with that and I am hoping the lace top will be finished by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Saturday 19 January 2013

WK 4 FLOWER..added a variation

Made it look a bit more like a flower and I have also added a pattern variation to make a Flower and not a flower motif, just follow the link above.
Few inches of snow to play in today
Happy Hooking everyone x

Friday 18 January 2013

Finished the two CROCHET MOSS ST. FRONTS..

And had a play with the free yarn on the new mag..French Bergere and although acrylic feels and looks very woolly
99p for the 1st copy, £2.50 for the second bothe had two balls of yarn and a hook or needles....a bargain and the BERGERE yarn is lovely...made some of the wk 4 sample with it and a pair of wrist warmers in Block stitch.
Going to do more on the Lace Top before starting the back of the jacket
Happy Hooking everyone x

Thursday 17 January 2013

HCS Crafts...Free postage over £25 and it arrived in 24 hours

So now I have all the yarn I need to finish the lacy top and the moss st. jacket and make lace cuffs for the new cardy.
Not a particularly interesting phot but I finished one front yesterday and am about 4" from finishing the second front by mid day today...hoping to finish it off tonight then tomorrow I can start the back.
minimal shaping.
Wk 4 Friday Flower link pattern a week though 2013
Wk 4 Granny Square link pattern a week though 2013

Tuesday 15 January 2013


About half way up one front of the Moss St. jacket in a couple of hours last night.
Decided to add pockets to the fronts and do a full collar neckline, not sure about the length yet.
50stsf or a front and 20sts for the pocket bags with a 5.5 mm hook.
The Moss St. makes for a lovley firm fabric perfect for a tailored jacket.
Tweed and lace......a classic
Happy Hooking everyone x

Sunday 13 January 2013


Friday flower pattern wk 3 is posted HERE couple of days late but done now.
Had a day at the shops, last of the or two things for my holiday
bit of bling lol...nothing in this little pile cost me more than £3, mostly each item cost just a  £1-£1.50
Some great Sale Yarn too from Hobby store opened in Telford
85% Wool and 15% Alpaca for £1.89 a 50grm ball
Already decided to make a jacket for me and hols in my favourite Moss St.
Great Oatmeal colour
Made this sample as soon as I got home, it will make the inside of one of the pockets I think.
Happy Hooking x

Saturday 12 January 2013

I am over whelmed..thank you for all the compliments lol

Thank You all so much, you are all so lovely really cheered me up it did been feeling a bit off for a few days...Thanks xx.
4mm hook and 100% Random Dyed Cotton
same pattern but makes up slightly smaller so I might need to do a few more to get it to be the same measurements...pretty though and I can now do a motif in 8-9 minutes hehe speedy!
A plain beige one in Bamboo/Cotton with a slight pattern change at the centre
here is the how too for the centre..
really having fun with this pattern. Hope you are too.
I won't learn will I put it down for a few minutes and the old tester was giving it a cuddle....
Splodge my baby he is never far from my knee
working on the pictures for the wk 3 Friday Flower, bit behing but it should be on The Flower Bed by Monday at the latest.
Happy Hooking

Thursday 10 January 2013


USA Terms UK Terms in red brackets

one finger wrap of 3 wraps or Chain 4, sl st into circle 

Round 1: 12dc [12tr],into circle, sl st, to complete round

Round 2: chain 4, as first spoke and space, dc [tr], in next st, ch 2, repeat to complete 12 spokes.

Round 3: 2sc [2dc], in next st, sl st, into next space, ch2, 4dc [4tr], ch2 sl st, into same st, 2sc [2dc], in next chain space, repeat until you have completed round sl st, into first sc [dc]

(6 ‘petals wih spaces)

Using join as you go and a 5mm hook James C Brett, Passion yarn

Isn't it hard taking pictures of yourself?
Mr T wondering what I am doing...
me wondering what I was doing...
best I can do I am afraid...Phil was asleep and I couldn't wait for him to get up and take them lol
but at least you can see what it looks like as a cropped top...but do I leave it as it is or lengthen it???
Made several items to wear using this motif from collars to tops to shawls.
Happy Hooking


A tester is always available...Splodge checking out the new Wk 3 Granny Square Blanket
put that camera away will you and stop flashing me, I'm trying to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Has become a cropped jumper with a short sleeve over night and it is looking lovely, I completed the  front, back and a short sleeve at the moment.
Originally I was making it long sleeve and hip length but it looks great as a cropped short sleeve top.....definitely need to make a second one if I decide to change this one from how it looks now
pictures to come and you can let me know what you think
Happy Hooking

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Collar to jumper...

Growing fast should be finished in a couple of days
The pictures really aren't great, it's still very grim and grey here still.
And don't put it down and leave the room to mke a cuppa!!!
Happy Hooking x

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Orange Passion Flower....

Having fun with the Passion Yarn and week 2 granny hexagon a 'petal' in every ch2 space and you have a lovely FLOWER motif
I was running out of the Passion Yarn in the two colours I bought, couldn't get any more from the local shop so I added and orange/pink colourway and then found a pink/green one in my stash too
so the shawl/collar is growing and getting even more colourful.
Then I wondered what it would look like with 12 'petals', instead of 6 petals and 6 spaces?.....
Hope you are enjoying the weekly patterns and their variants?
Happy Hooking

Sunday 6 January 2013


Using the hexagon version of week 2 granny and James c Brett Passion a random dyed yarn
 that is so easy to crochet, I would definitely recommend it.
A shawl collar at the moment but it might just turn onto a complete jacket!!!
I can do a motif in 10 minutes so it is growing quite fast, slight change to the same granny square version
USA Terms
Chain 4, sl st into circle
Round 1: 12 dc into circle, sl st, to complete round
Round 2: chain 4, as first spoke and space, dc in next st, ch 2, repeat to complete 12 spokes.
Round 3: 2sc in next st, sl st, into next space, ch2, 4dc, ch2 sl st, into same st, 2sc in next chain space, repeat until you have completed round sl st, into first sc. (6 ‘petals wih spaces)
Using join as you go and a 5mm hook for this project

Wednesday 2 January 2013

I have won an award...thank you so much


Teeny bit late but unexpected visitors and a cinema trip took up the first day of 2013
but I hope you all had a wondeful new year celebration and that 2013 is going to be
a great year for you all.
It also stopped play with the Ikea seat cover too plus I ran out of another colour of yarn.
picture of my Christmas flowers
For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
~T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"
Been trying to decide what to do with my 3 blogs for 2013 this one will be a mix of family, friends, home, garden, holidays and big crochet project.
Over on The 8th Gem I am doing a granny square pattern a week for 2013 and a flower a week on The Flower Bed if you want to crochet along with me.