Saturday 31 August 2013

OOOP'S....need I say any more?

 and I haven't finished yet
oh!  deary me.

Friday 30 August 2013

A Rainbow Necklace

I treated myself to a new necklace
I think the material used is a nut called a TAGUA.
For those interested in the material....but I have mailed Tracy and asked about the necklace.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

We had fabulous weather this bank holiday..unheard of!!

Friends over for lunch out and a walk in the park afterwards......
 Shrewsbury Town Park
 not been into the Dingle bit for years....beautiful

Not my style of garden but it certainly is a stunning splash of colour for everyone to enjoy
Yesterday it was a wonderfully sunny day and everyone was walking in the park and taking in the colour.
Lucky us.

Monday 26 August 2013

Why do we always under estimate the time it takes for DIY projects?

The tile store was closed when we go there on Friday night, and we didn't get going until after 10 on the Saturday morning...eventually arriving home with the tiles, then didn't feel like starting anything that afternoon, then friends rang to say they were coming over on the Monday afternoon, so all we had was Sunday.....progress made and the old is out and the base for the new shower is built and in, the walls filled and the pipe work ready for the new shower and the waste is in in too.
No pretty pictures just the blur of a my good guy,
  who has done almost all of the work so far...
sealing the shower area is the next job to do and then another wait while it all dries, then we can start the tiling...more my job but Phil usually does the cutting of the difficut bits.
We went for large matt grey tiles to be fitting horizontally with one vertical decorative stripe of what looks like smaller tiles but is ion fact the same size as the large tiles.
the small tiles, one tile so no joins....there will only be one stripe of them vertically inside the shower cubicle

 Phil working out the new waste pipe direction, to go under the new base he had just built
happy DIY if you are, this Bank Holiday weekend x

Friday 23 August 2013

En Suite Shower....Stage 2 this weekend.

New shower arrived at 11 this morning....
We need to find some white tiles tonight so we have what we need to do the job this weekend.
Then all we will need is a new loo to finish the complete job..going to be a busy weekend ahead!
A friend sent me funny

and me!!!
have a fun filled weekend xx

Saturday 17 August 2013

A £9 vanity unit....a real bargain

Saw a vanity unit in Wickes a month ago...thought it a good at half price....
popped in again the beginning of this week to pick up some tongue and groove to repair the damage the cats had done to the double doors down stairs.
Reduced again to £ that was a bargain so I bought it......
Phil repaired the double doors on Wednesday
 originally glass with nasty leading we reomved the leading a couple of years ago.
I found some bead bording wall paper for the bottom sections..but the Cats used it while we were out one day as a scratching board and ruined it all...gggrrrrrrr!
Its taken us this long to replace it...ooops!
one of the last big jobs that needed doing down stairs too.
Phil starts his new job of Monday so we thought we wpuld try to get the last few jobs in the house done.
 My Job.....finish painting both sets of repaired doors
not great picures light wasn't great.
BACK TO THE BARGAIN the end this unit has cost us £9 we bought it for £39, sold the old sink with taps for £30
so the unit has only cost us £9
new walk in shower on order, so we just need a new loo and tiles to finish the en suite...another big job that needed doing

 all the bottles and bathroom type things are now tidied away....
great for £9 don't you think?
The new tap was left over from doing the bathroom almost two years ago.

Monday 12 August 2013

£10 of Teddies....mmmmm now what can i do with these?

Aren't they just so cute?

 all cuddly and soft and recued from the charity shop lol.
now do you think they would look good with a bit of crochet to keep them warm?
watch this space.
Happy Hooking x


Still no working engine, so he can't move without Phil giving him a push but he is really looking very much a cute car.
A long way from that day in September when he arrived a lacy shell of a car with lots and lots of welding to be done....

Saturday 3 August 2013

NEW SHAWL...a row too many??

If you follow my other blog The 8th Gem, you will have seen the latest a WIP,
 I finished it last night...but looking at the half made and the finished shawl I'm not sure.
Should i have left it predominantly blue and not added the red and yellow?
Really not sure
As a WIP HERE...more blue looking
or finished like this?

to unpick or not to unpick...that is the question?

Really pleased with the garden now...but the cats have already started to dig up our good work....ggggggrrrrrrr!

Tiny bit cooler today?..may be lol!
Have a fun filled weekend eveyone x