Monday 31 August 2009


Well there was a lot of cursing and drilling noises coming from the shed and a mess every where so l hope we have!!! lol
Love these Pink roses my absolute favourites right now and only £1.49 a bunch from the supermarket!
Birthday Garlands and message hearts...sealed with LOVE and PVA glue...hehe
Adorable Roses.....can't believe what l've been missing all these years!

Saturday 29 August 2009


Made a few lengths of heart bunting...put out a few of my favourite things
instead of painting the ceiling felt like a play..arm still hurts to touch but lots better now


Lettuce last June....Not getting the Love or the food she needs at home so comes to visit when my boys are not paying attention...lots thinner now!! Poor love l forgive ya for yesteday Lettuce

Well we got a lot done but been a week of minor injuries..covered in bruises and scrapes but yesterday trying to rescue Lettuce from my boys...he pops in regularly for room and board but my boys guard their home like tigers

So the latest injury sent me to the minor injuries nurse....pain anti-biotics and a lost day on the shed.....was too painful to do anything my right arm hurt like crazy...anti-biotics are beginning to kick in so a tad better this morning but can't believe how much its swollen and hurts for tiny holes!

Poor Lettuce was soooo frightened so l forgive ya

Thursday 27 August 2009


1st wall of insulation, boarding and shelving painted and papered.....just need to fill the shelves now...1 down 3 more to go....real happy and a big hug for Pmacs and all his hard work love ya lots and lots
thanks xxxxxxx
1st craft box unit out of the house and the dining room will need to replace it with something though...ooooh more shopping hehehe......and in it's place under the window in 'Suz Shed'
The Table l will sew at and make jewellery and paper craft...pretty well everything really lol
I'm sure it will never look like this again lol so many boxes of craft stash to be sorted and added to these book cases

Mr T has found his spot!!!!

Wire shelf with the coffee jars awaitng decoration against the 1st panel of Millie wallpaper between the book cases......these are still to be attached to the wall some how......adore this wallpaper
Laminate went down really quick once Pmacs was in charge...managed a couple of rows on my own while Pmacs did the cable to the sheds from the house
And was great to get to the last row and all that needed to be cut off was the lip.....made life easy
Third injury of the week 1st was a smack with the bookcase giving me 2 lovely bruises above my knee and the 2nd was a shelf dropped corner down and hit the top of my foot...bit of eye leakage over that one........l'll stay out of the way hey Pmacs? lol

PMACS BOUGHT A LARGE PERSIMMON PLAQUE Derby winner in 1896 the 1st horse race to be filmed and the Persimmon housing co. is named after this horse...


Had a great time and thanks again Kaz for telling me all about the auction stayed till about 8.45 to see what a couple of bigger items went for...if l hadn't spent up this month (shed etc) l would have spent a lot more can't wait till the next one!...OOOOPS I'M HOOKED!
Managed to get all the enamel l wanted in 2 lots.......can't believe l went knowing what l wanted and there it all was....thanks Angel hehehe....
Not old enamel but it was exactly what l wanted for the kitchen and the shed storage

Wednesday 26 August 2009


Wish l could remember who said go to Focus this wallpaper was on offer as a discontinued line for £5 a roll?.....l'd go thank them

It's so prettty and l've only bought 2 rolls hope it's enough to do a wall in 'Hers' the matching small print l've only got a sample of and tried it on the saved coffee jars

4 fit in each shelf of the new wire shelf unit l bought the other day in TK Max.....was thinking buttons and small items inbetween the two book cases in the shed with the wall paper behind...what do you all think?

Would have bought more and had it in the house but Pmacs hates wallpaper and l'm sure he is finding the 'new look' of flowers and pretties every where a bit hard to swallow as yet!! hehe
Although he did like the quilts and even said get another to cover the sofa he hates in the front sitting room......l just might too hehe

Auction tonight that Kaz has told me about Pmacs like this idea and 2 friends wanted to come aswell when we said we were going.....cya there Kaz and thanks again hope there is lots of lovelies to buy tonight!

Tuesday 25 August 2009


Hehehehe the boys took it easy while we got on real well with the inside of 'hers' wall and the ends of the front and back done....l think all of the furniture in that l want....except one long narrow table

ceiling will be half done tomorrow then Pmacs' turn to get a wall done
Not sure how much more will be done to the remaining insulation and boarding on 'hers' before the weekend

I was wanting it all white inside all the furnishings are birch right now and not sure about painting it maybe l'll just paint the panels and leave the birch bookcases and cube unit desk and table....need to think on that one for now

Nite all sweet feet/legs are killing me and l'm real tired acually l'm totally knackered lol and another early start tomorrow get as much done as poss


One stunning blanket from 'do you mind if l knit' blog...adore Vanessa's work and this project is absolutely gorgeous and mostly in acrylics l'm soooooooooooo impressed
Just about to start a pastels granny square swap on Ravelry and this blanket is soooooo inspiring love it
Another blog l adore at the moment is 'POSY' blog.....and this gorgeous bathroom and another blog l can't get enough of at right now is 'HAPPY LOVES ROSIE' blog too...all fabulous blogs

SHED UPDATE: well they are both up and we've sort of moved in but today Pmacs will do the electrics and we bought enough boarding and insulation to do a wall in to watch the pennies so a bit at a time with the insides lol
Photos of 1st walls in each by tomorrow l hope can't wait to get started loving the space to play already

Sunday 23 August 2009

BORN TO SHOP.... so much fun

Just need to make the throws into proper covers and thanks for finding the 'WELCOME' cushions K
This little package of goodies 3 rose print bags and a bottle of bubbles and a body lotion all for £6.99........far too good to leave behind dont you think?

A selection of this weekends shopping.....oooops but loadsa fun hehe


One of the wire baskets l bought for my cottons to go in
bedroom ready for Kathryn who gave me a wonderful toenail French manicure as we sat outside the 'shed' in the sunshine yesterday......sheer bliss then we went to see 'The Hangover' film at the local community flicks last night and we shopped to folllow
miss my reflexology sessions so a french manicure from K was absoluely l have pretty toes lol

Saturday 22 August 2009


Broken one of my tall glasS vases...the cats have almost knocked them over so many time but guess what l did it all by myself this time and did a good job....bugga!!



Friday 21 August 2009

2 gorgeous quilts l just had to have!

Great days shopping park and ride into Town library books back shopping commenced lol
Couldn't get any more of the Laura Ashley fabric bit sad but have just enough to do the 4 dining room chairs so not a big problem

TK Max next and found a new arrival of white wire work shelving bowls and trays and some blue and white striped mug and pot..mine now hehe

Country Linens......not a shop l go in usually just oggle through the window but l went in today.....

ooooops all the quilts were in the sale...l couldn't have made them for the price so just had to have two and l may even go back and get another they are gorgeous and such a good price too and King Size!

Back to the car so loaded l couldn't carry any more hehe...and over to Dunelm found a little blue jug and got the blue fabric l wanted and some roses....for the conservatory 'cos the real ones die so fast in the heat


Watch this space........maybe nothing maybe something!!!......


Thursday 20 August 2009


Built and finished by 4.30 just enough time to shower and get ready for dinner with friends we stayed up talking till 11 so a bit late tonight but very very happy
gained a couple of square metres of garden just outside 'hers' so lots of space for some lovely smelly plants l think
was really hard to do the lifting today we are both knackers..everything aches
and you can see the workers were exhausted too supervising is really hard work!!! hehehehe

Now for the best bit...insulation and boarding out shopping tomorrow...may get it all in and painted if Pmacs can do the electrics tomorrow but may have to wait till next week poor love has to go to work for a rest! hehehe

Wednesday 19 August 2009


Going to hang this old lamp outside 'Hers' when she is built....and after Pmacs has got it working
Forgot to add this picture...on Monday when we nipped into town for the roof felt adhesive passing the charity shop for some reason l felt the need to go in and found this pretty jug for my roses 50p a bargain don't you think?
Veiw of the mess from the spare bedroom window as we finished last night....still need to reinforce the decking and then errect 'Hers' today
Needed to spend a couple of hours sorting Phils shelving and at least tidying a little just so we could get in 'His'....he's still got lots and lots to sort though.....should keep him busy for a while....but we'll see really can't believe he will become a tidy teddy bear even with a new shed to play in hehehehe
Few of the hung up tools......well it's a start!!

Tuesday 18 August 2009


Tried this wonderful pattern out from Sarah London site a couple of days back still needs the edge and joining but they make wonderful flowers for the stripy bags too
As it's 'shed festival' week here..hehe l wont get back to them for a few days and the pictures aren't good but wanted to share... size 7mm hook and doubled DK and chunky wool used makes a very large flower more than the length of my hand hehehe fun though and easy to make
Thanks Sarah...great pattern

My back is just about holding up after 'his' went up yesterday we finished about 8.30 and l fell into bed to watch 'The Street' brill series we watch every week but fell asleep.....ooops Pmcas watched it then went to the pub for a couple hehe..don't know how e does it

Old sheds down today and might get 'hers' started today but maybe tomorrow will see it up see how we go of the old sheds is being collected at 6ish tonight and the other we ere keeping but Pmacs decided to see and construct something else for the lawn mower etc between his and hers...sooooooooooooooooo excited or did l say that?...hehehehe

Monday 17 August 2009


2.30 Pmacs got his gloves on and the thick black adhesive in a roses tin to paint the roof ready for the felt
1.00 the roof was on didn't we do well...both of us have a pain in the back now...ooooops
11.40 ta...dahhhhh its up and half the roof is on
10.30 we had 3 cuppas 3 arguements and three sides up!! hehehe
10.30 saw base and two sides up and all in the 1st cracking on fast as the delivery was at 9.30 not bad hey!!!

6.15 Now and we both have had enough ache like mad and still need to get the second side of the roof painted with adhesive and the felt on incase it rains over night....aaaaarrrrgghhhhh
wish us luck
real pleased though one old shed empty and ready for the new owner tomorrow..where's my bed

Sunday 16 August 2009

IN THE lilac green aswell!

Yet another bag based as the wool sack pattern on size 7mm hook this time and 8 rounds only then sides of single crochet( sooooooooooo slow to do but looks like moss stitch in knitting) for 4 inches and then a freeform 4" section fast hehehe and finish off with another slow 4"....fiished it by 4 this afternoon

Always hated these chairs so asap l'm going to paint them an idea from the new blog l found this morning they have painted theirs all different pastel colours....have 8 chairs all together so 1st 4 l'm using in 'Hers' l will try this out then maybe do the dining room 4 aswell and the bottom of the table....yet another project to keep me busy with hehehe

Love the colours in this bag so going to make a cowl scarf to match...just for me
freeform detail panel

Inspiration came from a cotton jumper l used to own many years ago...adored the jumper l wore it out have a pic some where will have to see if l can find it

Made a couple of the new dining room seat covers aswell today and took a few pics of the 'new look' for the dining room......the beginnings of the new country look for 'Hers' (delivered tomorrow did l say l was excited hehehe) and the house 'cos the look is really growing on me

Just found these 2 blogs....Gorgeous SUCH PRETY THINGS.....some lovely pastels
lots of red and pale blue...stunning HAPPY LOVES ROSIE

Saturday 15 August 2009

SMALLER PROJECT BAG..same pattern as the wool sack

Made another smaller version of the wool sack yesterday only 8 increase rounds and 23 side rounds and a thicker drawstring...4 strands with a 6mm hook..otherwise its made the same as the WOOL SACK just less of it!!
Looking at them side by side the one looks thicker yarn but its still only DK Double strand
It's just big enough to hold a single project 8-12 balls of yarn hook etc....or it could be a shoulder bag but l would add a shoulder strap if l was using it for that
the DK x 2 strands really is fast to crochet made this bag in about 7 hours one sitting started out as a bath mat though but l forgot l was making a bath mat and it turned into a bag hehe