Friday 15 October 2021

MAGIC EYE CAL: March lockdown pattern

Sue Pinner 

Slowly catching up with lots of free patterns swell as finishing my 3rd book fingers crossed out for November as a self published pdf on Ravelry 
Taken from the first few rounds of my Oval Mandala pattern, but simplified a little and done as a lockdown cal for my Facebook group.

The magic Eye is a simpler version of than the Oval Mandala. 

Finger wrap of 5 wraps
Round 1: 18dc into finger wrap 

Round 2: tr. Ch3 tr in point, ch1. 1tr, ch1 in next 8 spaces repeat for second side giving 10tr each side of eye. 

Round 3:  3tr cluster, ch3, 3tr cluster in point. Ch2, 3tr cluster in all side spaces, repeat giving 11 clusters each side. 

Round 4 &5:  3dc, ch3. 3dc in points, 3dc in each side sp. Repeat second side.
Round 6:  repeat round 5, but join as you go after completing the first eye motif, Join eyes together over 4 granny shell at sides 5th at points

This is the original pattern I've taken the first few rounds from to make the Magic Eye Pattern above

                                                           Original pattern The oval Mandala

First 2 rounds

                                                                          Infill options

                                           This was a tiny version, same pattern in sock wool

              Final pattern made into a blanket used was 6 rounds and a granny square infill below

                                                          Another version used for a scarf