Saturday 30 August 2008

I wore my milk bottle to dinner last night!!

'THE MACHINE' cuts plastic bottles brilliantly so l made a necklace from the milk bottle instead of throwing it in the bin!!
First thing friend said was, 'your necklace is pretty'...later on in the evening l asked if she really liked my necklace 'cos it was an made from velum and a plastic milk bottle maybe a successful use of trash?

Thursday 28 August 2008

What a brill machine!!...a new album cover?

Finally decided l just got to get me one of these machines!!...on offer at the mo too!....this has been an expensive month...but sooooooooooooo much fun!

Saturday 16 August 2008


The CJ COVER: Stitched paper made from an embroidery l did in black on white calico then copied to make paper and painted

Papers made from old embroidery pieces and coloured on pc but could be coloured by hand

Friday 15 August 2008


Morning all just realised l've not posted on here for a few days got a bit distracted with the jewellery l'm afraid...been haing a fabby time though!!

PHOTO: Last nights playtime...a bracelet l made

Phil and l have decided to do a lampwork class together that l've found!! Mid Cheshire college and only £42 for a beginners day...not till November 15th though no idea how l'm going to wait that long!! excited lol
Will do a class with Redhotsal l think in the new year but just cant afford her class 'cos l've already booked a Blonde Moments christmas class for the end of November...November is going to be a brill month!!

Monday 11 August 2008


Mr T....Helping me change the beds!!!


Playing with scapbooking ideas to make jewellery has come back to scrapbooking!!...looking outside the box maybe...must do more lol
PHOTO: Experimenting pays off!

Sunday 10 August 2008


Summer's back!....had the 1st beans for lunch to day and 1st couple of toms too...lawn is looking green and the white lilies are in alliums had started to fall over so l've brought them in to dry.....seems like you can dry and collect the seeds and grow from seed!!!....already collected the purple allium seeds got hundreds plant in pots outside and bring in at the end of summer to a frost free area and dont water to much!!!....well lets see what happens!

Saturday 9 August 2008


Had a wondeful day shopping at Silvar Designs....nearest bead shop to me and a detour back home passing Hobbycraft....a perfect day hehehe

Then a play with my scrapbooking is my favourite!
A work in progress but l'm happy the ideas will work and look nice on too
Made a few 1st bead 'Troll' necklaces and bangles too...Well a very low cost version of Troll anyway lol....Now where's my Christmas list....TROLL PLEASE lol promise to be good!

Friday 8 August 2008

AUGUST WK 1 CHALL....another variation

Just seeing if this method of adding to blog works worked ok!!
Been adding a Jewellery Blog (8th of the 8th of the 8th)today and gathering all my bits n bobs of Jewellery together and taking a few pics...Suz Jewellery

Thursday 7 August 2008


Great crop yesterday girls even though l was quiet hehehe makes a change hey?
Real excited but then l always am to Harrogate for a class with Art from the Heart just booked it for November all xmas stuff soooooooo wished l lived closer to Harrogate l'd be there every week for a class hehehe..2nd thoughts maybe good job l dont!!! lol

Photos: Dawns CJ My entry chose June for my month

Wednesday 6 August 2008

The Lakes...walk into Keswick

The old railway station ...turned into a hotel
loved the slate walls and the beautiful blue skies mountains and some interesting sign posts too...beautiful area all together

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Walk into Keswick from Low Briary

Few more Lakes pics the one of the caravan looking back from the walk....our CARAVAN was the 1st van over looking the spot we thought

Bridge was the Greta bridge...walk took about half an hour down the old railway line turned into a cycle track/walk way few more to follow tomorrow

Monday 4 August 2008


SOME INTERESTING SKIES with all the mountains and some very interesting floor art too!!


Never been before didn't really want to go...but love the place had a terrific hol weather was good caravan was well equiped Keswick was lovely walk to town was perfect along the brill hol