Thursday 29 December 2016

PART 10: Angel wings finishing stitches x 2 Options

It's been fascinating to see how all The Angel wings Shawl look so different in shape and size. How the use of a particular yarn can make such a difference to the same pattern......

                                                     INTRODUTION TO ANGEL WINGS MINI CAL HERE

                                                                       YARN SAMPLING HERE
                                                                          AND HERE

                                                                                PART 1 HERE

                                                                                PART 2 HERE

                                                                                PART 3 HERE

                                                                                PART 4 HERE

                                                                           PART 5 AND 6 HERE

                                                                         PART 7, 8 AND 9 HERE

 Angel Wings  PATTERN Part 10 the finish, 2 options

NOTE: I'm not giving numbers of loops and picots for this finish, because you could all have a different number, having stopped at different places.

ROW 1: Turn, ch5,  sc [dc], into next sp, ch5, sc into next sp, repeat, to point, at ch2 point, sc [dc], ch5, sc [dc], into ch2 point, repeat ch5, sc into next sp to end, last sc [dc] goes into the sp between last 2sts.

ROW 2: Turn ch5, sc [dc], into first ch5 loop, repeat to end, Finish with a sl st into first ch st of the loop below

ROW 3:turn, sl st, into 3ch sts of the first loop (you are now in the correct place to start this row of ch5 loops)
 repeat the ch5 loops and sc sts to end of row,  finish with a sc [dc] in last ch5 loop.

ROW 4:turn, 3sc [3dc], into first ch5 loop, make a picot of ch3, sl st into the sc [dc], to complete the picot, making a tiny bobble,2sc [2dc], into the same ch5 loop, to complete the first picot detail, repeat in every ch5 loop to end

NOTE: Again no numbers of points as you could all have a different number, but you should all have an odd number of granny shells not and even number for this finish 


 ROW 1: Turn, sc [dc] in first sp, between the first 2 sts, 2tr [2dtr], ch3 2tr [2dtr], in next sp, between the granny shells, sc [dc] in next sp, between gs, complete to point, in ch2 point, 2tr [2dtr], ch3, 2tr, [2dtr], in same sp, sc [dc], in next sp, repeat to end fi is with a sc [dc], in last sp.

ROW 2: Turn, sc [dc], in next 2st, then 2sc [2dc], ch2, 2sc [2dc], in ch 3 point, sc [dc] in next 2 sts, sc [dc], into the sc [dc], in dip then repeat to end of row.

Where used this edging stitch first, on a Granny Square Blanket 

That completes the Angel Wings Shawl mini CAL


I'm assuming from the numbers that have been made and shared your fabulous AW's on the Facebook group that you have enjoyed the mini cal.
There haven't been too many hiccup for a last minute pattern and from what some have said its kept them sane over the Christmas hols.

The next project I am going to make, is a Granny Square Skirt, for my son's lovely gf, Bethany.
If you want to make a simple granny square skirt, for someone or for yourself then this is the next mini cal.
Im using merino and 50% merino/acrylic mix details on the 1st January 2017
It needs to be completed by the 8th January....for the birthday girl on the 9th
All parts of the pattern will be on this blog and all linked to the Facebook group

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Angel wings Shawlette to Shawl variations and Measurements

 3 versions of the Angel Wings Shawl Mini CAL









Shawl Approx. 300g dk @ part 9, before the edging stitch is added 
 approx. 46" 117cm x 24" 61cm

with the edging stitch of 3 rows of mess stitch and picots as in Part 2
4mm hook

 300g Angel Wings Shawl with mesh stitch and picot edging 

Shawl Approx. 250g Aran complete at part 5, with the second option edging stitch added 
approx. 45" 114cm x 24" 61cm 
5mm hook

Shawlette Approx: 114g dk @ 4th row of part 5, plus a mesh st and picot edging st
approx: 34" 86.5cm x 17" 43cm 
4mm hook 
100g of the space dyed yarn with an edge of picots in a yarn that blended well with the multi coloured yarn to finish it off


Tuesday 27 December 2016

Angel Wings, Shawl Mini CAL: PATTERN PART 7, 8 and 9

Hello Hookers, back again for the next part of the Angel Wings Shawl mini CAL? 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and if it wasn't quite so wonderful I hope you  at least enjoyed some of your crochet?

Did anyone manage to make a necklace at all?

PARTS 7, 8 and 9: All the same stitch and this is an adjustable section of the Mini CAL.
You can do as many rows in this section of Granny Shells, as you want or yarn allows, 
 each of the first few rows takes approx. 15minutes. 

If you do more than 6 rows it will start to take more than 
15 minutes per row as it grows 


A Granny shell:  3dc [3tr], grouped together in one st or sp.

Part 6, Row 27, finished with 97sts, each side. 

PART 7 Angel Wings Shawl PATTERN:

Row 28: continue, turn, ch2, 2dc [2tr] in the same st, miss 2sts, granny shell of 3dc [3tr], in next st, miss 2 sts, granny shel in next st, repeat to point, giving 33 full granny shells, 
ch2, miss the ch 2 point, 
A granny shell in the fist st, miss 2 sts, granny shell in next st, repeat to end or row, to complete row with miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr], in last sp between last 2sts. 
(33 granny shells each side)

Row 29: turn, ch2, granny shell in the next 32 sps, at the point do a granny shell, ch 2 granny shell in the ch2 sp, repeat a granny shell in the next 32 sps, finish the row with 1dc [1tr] in the last sp. 
(33 granny shells each side with 1dc [1tr] at the start and finish of row)

ROWS 30: turn ch2, 2dc [2tr], in first sp, granny shell in every sp to point, 1granny shell ch2 1granny shell, in ch2 point, 1 granny shell in each sp to end finish 1granny shell in last sp. 
(34 Granny shells each side)

NOTE: From here on you are adding a GS at the beginning and end of each row to give curved wing tips

ROW 31: turn, repeat row 30....that is a granny shell in the first st, and one in every sp to point at point do a gs, ch2, gs, then complete row with a gs in every sp, finish with a gs in last sp between last 2sts...

ROW 32-35: Turn, Repeat ROW 30
ROWS 36-39:Turn, Repeat ROW 30

STOP if you are running out of yarn, if quantity is not a problem them continue until the shawl is the size you want it to be, but finish on an uneven number of granny shells AND......
 leave at least 50g of yarn to do the final edging st.

Quick view of increase in GS  on each row
ROW 28: 33 GS
ROW 29: 33 GS
ROW 30: 34 GS
ROW 31: 35 GS
part 8
ROW 32: 36 GS 
ROW 33: 37 GS
ROW 34: 38 GS
ROW 35: 39 GS
part 9
ROW 36: 40 GS 
ROW 37: 41 GS
ROW 38: 42 GS 
ROW 39: 43 GS

PART 10 and the final part of the AW Mini CAL will be the finishing edging stitches, 
on 30th December 2016.

4000+ Members GIVE AWAY:
There is also another give away on the Facebook group for 4000+ members don't miss out 

Sunday 25 December 2016



A Nice new pair of sunglasses crying out for a new bead n bezel necklace and of course it had to be in my favourite yarn of the moment BATIK...

 So my afternoon project was a new necklace, a slightly different version to the first Bead n Bezel necklace in October last year.......Pattern HERE

And then there were two...
Bead N Bezel Necklace 
4mm hook
Stylecraft Batik used for this particular necklace but you could use any dk or 4ply
 About 9 beads make a good size necklace but yo can make as many as you need. DK yarn or finer but the finer the yarn the more sc [dc], you will need to do to fill the finger wrap.

 finger wrap of 10 wraps
 ROUND 1: 14sc [14dc], into the finger wrap, sl st to complete.
 ROUND 2: Cover the first 14sc [14dc], with 33sc [33dc], approx. another two rounds, sl st to complete, cut off and weave in end.
 ROUND 3: Att bezel yarn in any st, 2sc [2dc], in every st, this can vary by 1 or 2sts, on each bead, no need to count them it isn't that important they are all identical.

 ROUND 3: Second bead, 2sc [2dc], into half of the sts, again its approx. then do 2sc [2dc] into one extra sts, approx 18 cont. [36sc (36dc)]

 ROUND 3: Cont. to do 1 or 2sts, more than half of each bead until you reach the last bead.

 CHAIN CORD: ch approx, 60sts, longer or shorter if you require. be careful not to swist the necklace. 

 Att. ch, cord to the first bezel at approx half way,with a sl, 
 Return along the ch, on the side of the unfinished beads, 1sc [1dc], in each st
 when you reach the first unfinished bead n bezel, continue with the 2sc [2dc], in each st, of first bead
 when you reach the next bead sl st around the joining st.
 Continue with 2sc [2dc], in every st, and sl st, on the joining sts, until you reach the first completed bezel, sl around the joining st, leave a long end to sew off securely.
 The Bead N Bezel necklaces can be made in a selection of colours or in just one colour.

How to make the simple Buttons and the Gem Necklace
Bead 'n' Bezel

US Terms in Balck UK Terms in red Brackets

One finger wrap of 10 wraps.

ROUND1:sc [dc], into the circle 12times, sl st to complete.

ROUND 2: 40+sc [40+dc], into the circle over the top of round 1
 continue until you have a dughnut for a button and continue to fill the hole for a Gem
 NOTE: don't pull the stitches tight but not loose either.

Turn Gem over this is the side that will be on view

A doughnut for a button,
A Gem...fill the hole completely about 50-60+ sc [dc]

NOTE: How many sts you need will depend on your tension the figures are a guide, but all your button or Gems need to me made the same, so after the first one, make all buttons and Gems with the same number of sc [dc]

leave a long end for sewing
add to projects as decoration or as actual working buttons...the middle button is through a button hole in the mini bag above

Making a Gem Bezel 
Three finger wrap of 8 wraps

Round 1: 32sc [32dc], into the circle sl st to complete.(32sts)

Round 2: sc [dc], in every st, sl st to complete. (32sts)
Round 3: 2sctog [2dctog], x 16 times (16sts)
Round 4:2sctg [2dctog], x 8 times (8sts)
Round 5: 2sctog [2dctog], x 4 times (4sts)
Round 6: 2sctog [2dctog], x 2 times (2sts)

cut off and leave a long end for sewing 
turn the bezel inside out and reshape, pull long end through middle st, 

place a Gem inside the cup bezel pulling end through the middle of the bezel, 
the gem should sit snug inside the bezel,

Tie the two ends together one from the gem and one from the bezel

sew off the gem thread and use the bezel thread to join the gems in bezels 

Thread the long end to one side of the Gem, over stitch with small stitches the the next Gem.

Make several and sew together in a straight line for a bracelet or with a slight curve for a necklace.

Attach yarn to one bezel add a length of ch st, to fit.
Row 1: sc [dc], in every ch st sew off end securely

Make a set of Gems in the colour of your choice and join together in a variety of different designs.

In a triangle of 3, in a long row long enough to make a complete necklace, or join 7, 8 or 9 Gems together for a necklace

or 5 together as a bracelet or make a statement ring with a singe Gem

 This necklace is made in Merino and Alpaca