Tuesday 20 January 2015

Star Pattern, fill-in and joining tutorial

Been asked for this old post from some of my original star patterns 2011
 Picture of a new projects below

Saturday 17 January 2015

Valentine's Rosebud and heart leaf pattern link

Valentine rosebud and heart leaf pattern for more pictures

Sue Pinner The Pattern for the hearts/leaves
These are tiny (1.5-2" top to bottom) but really really simple, U.S. Terms, aran weight, 5mm hook
Magic loop, ch 3, 8tr, ch3 8tr, ch3' sl St, into magic circle pull tight leave long ends start and finish to sew to what ever.
The smaller one was made the same but dc instead of tr.

The Rose bud pattern, as promised. And it is equally as simple as the heart leaf.
Aran weight yarn, 5mm hook.US Terms
Ch15, turn
2dc into second St from hook.
2dc in every following St.
1dc, 1 sc in last St, pull yarn through leave a long end.
Thread long end into darning needle or bodkin, roll the rosebud gently and sew the base of the Rosebud securely, only take a few stitches.
To make rosebud and leaf pin.....
make 2 leaves, leaving long ends tie two leaves together so they over lap a little, sew on a rosebud then add a pin to the back
How simple is that?

Let's see if this works

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Tuesday 6 January 2015

A Splash of colour a C2C in Aldi yarn.....

Happy New Year to everyone.....little late but busy yet again
And a new year fitness plan taking a couple of hours a day, so something has to give.
A splash of colour in a rather bright C2C small throw
Great yarn buy from Aldi. I've used an 8mm hook and about 100g has made a piece about 18" and is 16 rows

Although the original straight version can be found in a Weldons Company pattern book
from the late 1800's, the only difference really is the use of sc (dc actually because it's an English pattern book) instead of a sl st
And it's called Crazy Stitch and they have made a hooded shawl with it
Good old Weldonsworked on the straight it's still called crazy stitch today.

This shawl has been well used in the last few days too, made in 2012 nothing beats a granny shell shawl for a splash of colour and warm shoulders.
Thanks for asking link to the pattern below