Monday 30 March 2015

Dealing with lots of ends with lots of colour changes

making anything in stripes means lots of colour changes and lots of ends......dealing with them can be a pain.....just chain a few stitches, and add a small circle to the end of each colour change.

For each colour change chain a few stitches...about 20 then make a small ring at the end of the ch20 by doing 9sc into the 2nd ch from the hook.
4sc one side of the 20ch sts, and 5sc the other side of the 20 ch sts, making a small ring of 10sc. Cut and weave in ends 

Sunday 29 March 2015

Red Heart, Boutique Treasure.....

In waterfall, 4 balls given to me by a Canadian friend at knit and natter last Wednesday 

Hexagon Scarf/wrap Pattern
This Wrap is made in Red heart Boutique Treasure a chunky yarn in Waterfall
 4 balls used
5/6mm hook depending on your tension 
Hex measures approx 5.5" 14cms flat side to flat side

US Terms
A finger wrap of 5 wraps,
Round 1: ch2 counts as fist dc, 12 dc into circle, sl st to complete [12 dc]

Round 2: ch4 counts as first dtr, (Yarn over 3 times) 2dtr in first 2 sts, ch4 repeat 5 more times, els t to complete (6 sides)

Round 3: 2dc, ch3, 2dc in ch4 sp, 1dc in next 4 sts, repeat for all sides sl st to complete. (6sides)

Join As you go in every stitch and use the middle ch st of round 3's ch3, as the corner joining st. Join a centre row of 11 hex's, then add a row of 10 hex's each side for a scarf 
66" x 15" {168cm x 38cm}

 with a round of dc, one in each st 2dc, ch3 2dc in the corners and miss 2 sts in dips

Thank you thank you thank you it's gorgeous and all for me this one 

Monday 23 March 2015


click link for round 3 and colour chart
 Rounds 4 and 5 still to come...still time to join in
 fill-ins and border to come in two ore stages