Wednesday 30 March 2016

FANS POST: Thanks for sharing

made 2 beautiful blanket from book 1
change the colour change the look completely.

Sally is new to crochet and has made a beautiful blanket from my book 
Granny Squares..well done 

has made another fabulous Fruit Salad Blanket 
has made another Mandala from my book

has made several of the collars form book 2

has been busy with a camper blanket from book 1 

Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful creations girls

love doing these fans posts
sorry if I leave anyone out I cant always snaffle the pictures easily to add to a post, I can't always do them as I see them and I some times forget.

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Possible variations on the Square in a Square Pattern 9232

if your there on Saturday say hello

a different colour for each round 

 Black centres and colours for the outer squares...

 blending yarns and making tonal squares and joining with black 

 of course you can always stay with the colours of the pattern but only make enough to wear

Sunday 13 March 2016


On and off I''ve not been happy with the one temperature blanket...too dark for me really...

So I have decided after running out of two colours and getting almost 2 weeks behind to abandon the one and just to keep going the the flower version.

Work load a little heavy again and the flowers only take 5 minutes a day and i love it...not so for the other one
 this i will continue with to the end....

I already have the first 2 month triangle completed

and I'm up to date with the next triangle for March and April


I will be joining the 6 triangles together into a hexagon, at the end of the year
I think something square to fill in the square spaces created by the triangles

This one will be unpicked at some point in time and made into something else

and the original idea I had will be made, but not as a temperature blanket
another design i love...just wasn't feeling it for the temperature version

I had almost given up on it several time before.

Saturday 12 March 2016


Shopping..don't you just love a bit of shopping girls?

A bit of very unexpected cash came my way the other day, in a jaw dropping letter......i just wasn't expecting it at all.

So a little 'splash the cash' time for me
here we come again

I needed a new iron, a kettle a new cloth for the circular table and two new tub chairs to replace the old and now damaged purple sofa..
Tub chairs to order this morning if I can make my mind up on the colour!

Of course you've seen the new Sussex Floral mugs and all from my favourite
Dunelm store, less than a mile away from me too

These are the new Tub Chairs I am about to order 
can't make my mind up as to 
Natural stripe or Duck Egg Blue stripe?
If I go for Duck Egg with there be too much Duck Egg?  

and the cushions on the tub chairs will be in the same bird print?

 this pretty Bird print is a full range of 
Dunelm bed linen too and china to go with it all..I LOVE DUNELM!

and I have some Fabric in the same bird pattern to make a couple of small back cushions for the tub chairs

the Oatmeal stripe colour with be nearer the dining chair covers...

sorry can't show you a picture of the Duck Egg colour but click the link and you can see both colours

Everyone loves the new Kettle too

All from Dunelm...a favourite haunt

Friday 11 March 2016

CROCHET PATTERN: Sussex Flower Mat, Cushion, tablecloth or wrap...

Dunelm Sussex Mug mat turned cloth, cushion or wrap...

Stylecraft Classique Cotton
4mm hook

Finger wrap of 5 wraps, magic circle or ch5 sl st into a circle

Round 1: Cont. in same col. 12dc [12tr], into circle sl st to complete. (12sts)
Round 2: att petal colour, ch4, 
dtr [ttr,] into same st, 

sl st, into the matching petal of flower before
then cont. with second half of first petal, 

[dtr: yo 3 times, pull though 4 times]

dtr [ttr], into next st, ch4, sl st into same st, 

sl st into the next st and repeat....

repeat for 6 petals sl st to complete

Join as you go in rows 2 petals at a time then next row between to two flowers so joined 3 times 

cushion..stitch joined hexagon to a cushion with small stitches around the edges

make a mat
or continue and make a cloth or even a wrap