Tuesday 30 November 2010


Emulsion done primer x2 coats and about half the glossing done...
LOTS of old newspapers..still didn't stop us dropping the odd spot of paint on the carpet!..grrrrr
lots of mess doing it but....

Under a little protest but on my request Phil re hung the door on the wall side so that the door opens to the wall and not the middle of the room!..fabulous...lots more space now!
new door handles ready and waiting in the cupboard down stairs...
we'll get the shelves up tomorrow too

how it's been left tonight...paint drying
The Ikea units have painted up really well!
pleased about that 'cos l'm planning on painting the chest of drawers in our bedroom next and adding new handles we bought months ago
the light fitting looks a lot better here in the bedroom than in the hall where it was hanging!

Day off tomorrow need to finish and write all the Christmas cards ready for posting early December
The 1st tomorrow and only 24days to go!!! 

sweet dreams all 
hugs xx

Sunday 28 November 2010


Quick as a flash l jumped into action  hehe
a long dish of pearls was the answer
on the new shelving in the bedroom.....
last two 40cm units made up just not screwed to the wall yet...and l want to 
add some trim to the edges eventually!

Managed to cut the new shelves (the left over draw fronts) for the single bedroom and the raw plugs are in ready for the shelves to go up...after the room is painted tomorrow

 The light shade is on and two new shades on the hall and landing lights are up...
just simple white shades but they give a lovely bright light!
Candle collage for advent...
hugs xxxx

Link to the Party.....A Christmas Mantle....my bedroom version anyway lol

Saturday 27 November 2010

Painted stars
a covering of snow
a growing collection of storage jars
a mantle turning Christmasy...
stars to gild or not?....and a space to fill today....
and lots of candles and night lights

 my collection of jam jar night light holders is growing slowly
a row of potted plants 
conclusion.....l like rows of things

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
only 28days to go!!
Hugs xx

Tuesday 23 November 2010


Well almost...lol
needed to buy the wood to finish the bottom shelf and covers...£18.35 and all cut to the exact size too...Boys Boden...a great builders merchant give them your measurements and they cut it for you
so all we have to do is drill a finger hole to lift the lids on the back storage and screw the shelf together and the bed is complete
found a comfy mattress in a local shop...l like local as well as recycling
will play today with options..monochrome black and white? 
bright blue and green? all white? or a neutral look?

Lick of paint on the walls new light fitting the curtains/pole sorted and shelves up...one room ready for a sleep over hehehe
now where's that saw..mmmm what can l cut in half today? hehehe

Because the mattress has made the bed quite high my king size quilt in blue and red sort of fits the single bed reaching the floor and cover the under bed drawers

Monday 22 November 2010


I was leaving the bedrooms until after Christmas!
l was looking for a bed!
l was going to do other things this morning
and Phil HATES ME when l do this hehehehe
I WAS INSPIRED....oh dear poor Phil..a row ensued but l didn't actually ask him to do anything l was just excitedly telling him what l thought was a brilliantly inspired idea to make a single bed and use a couple of Ikea chests l wasn't keen on without wasting them
RECYLING...as l do hehe
2 hours later l have the makings of a pretty single bedroom with lots of storage...
it all started when l saw a bed made from a couple of Ikea storage unit on line...and we have lots of Ikea storage here to play with hehe....my single storage bed started life like this....
measuring the unit to the base of a cross piece...20" l took a nice shiny saw and cut it into 2 pieces
so now l had this...
and a pile of saw dust on the carpet lol
pushed then together in the corner they looked like this...
so l cut the second chest into 2 pieces too....
the beginning of a single storage bed?
the width is perfect for a single mattress but it need a shelf 8" x 37" and 2 pieces of wood on top on the wall halves to make the base complete
and we will have a single bed for nothing
l love freebies hehehe..especially with double uses
storage and a bed!!!
and so much storage space
hoovered up and then had a play....just to see what it will look like when we get a mattress and decorate the room...

just need a mattress now
with all the under bed storage and this room already having a small wardrobe
decided to add a dressing table and nothing else

adding a few shelves to the nook for a TV and nick knacks....

TV socket here which decided the bed position
added a few appropriate words above the window
new  door handles and glass knob to the wardrobe
gloss paint on the doors and skirting
sorry hun....
promise not to go off on one too often...hehehe
l'm happy though with my mornings work! lol
Hugs all xx

Sunday 21 November 2010


Made some progress with the loo roll flowers and cardboard 3D stars
made with cardboard boxes and tubes that would have ended up in the rubbish bin!!
I LOVE THAT..pretties for free!

Accidentally sprayed a couple of the flowers with CHROME SPRAY PAINT.....
so sprayed a few more...
and a few more...
even the stone painted one...
until they were all sprayed...
drying right now then l can glue the wreath together 
the flowers that were white are shinier than the ones painted straight onto the cardboard
but loving the chrome spray paint

also started to make some big 3D stars...still to cover with kitchen roll and paint yet though but now have 4 sizes.....
but they will definitely stay white with gold gilding...
different room for these
hope you're having a Super Sunday 
hugs all xx

Thursday 18 November 2010


Paint and gilding paste to come....son stops play again hehe
can see the difference in the 1st ones l made and the latest and how long it takes me to make one
hugs all x


Almost but not quite there this morning...just need 3 then paint and gilding wrap the wire wreath and hot glue into place add some ribbon and one Christmas wreath made....
really having fun making these and love the free recycle bit!
then l can start again and make more Christmas decorations using these wonderful flowers from Michele 
thanks again Michele
Hugs all off to try and finish the wreath
have a tremendous Thursday all xx

Wednesday 17 November 2010


Got distracted from the loo roll flowers...with a wee tree
so still need 11 more flowers to complete the wreath....
they got painted though...
takes me about an hour to make one flowers...must work quicker! lol
the lights below l now have in a vase used to be wound around this metal ring....untill one of the furballs decided to chew threw the one cable and put out half the lights! so undid it and made a table light with it....
tried a few round petals with the latest couple...slightly different look and found masking tape was the easiest to hold the layers together glue was taking too long to dry
Thanks for the lovely comments but all down to Michele and her idea

Hugs all x