Wednesday 30 November 2011

Wallpapered Guest bedroom...ready for Christmas visitors

Popped out to get the new bedroom wallpaper leaving Phil to put up the new wall light in the bathroom...
oh! dear the air was blue when l got back, ripped wallpaper and a large hole in the wall, as l climbed the stairs to see what the problem was, an even bigger hole appeared in the landing wall!!!!!!!
l didn't ask hehe
Just accessed the mess to my new bathroom wallpapering and got on with the bedroom
He wasn't a happy teddy bear lol

Wallpapering day two
Both the bathroom and the kitchen wallpaper went on like a dream yesterday
the bedroom one was a nightmare, just hope it dries out ok.......cosy though just how l hoped it would be
Bed isn't made yet......while l was papering the bedroom wall l thought white embroidered bed linen would look lovely..might be a bit expensive though

It looks a bit different from August last year..cosier l think
when l bought the new curtains but never got to the wallpapering
I could just use the black and cream bed linen l bought and has never been slept in yet..
Washed 'cos the door was left open and the cats tried it out so it went in the washer and has never been put back on the bed...not sure why!

Looing back, it has been through some changes I'm real chuffed with it finally
Single bedroom
The single bedroom is all red and white with a splash of turquoise with a few more hearts and cushions than in this picture..when the tools etc have been removed and tidied l will have to update the picture
Might even add a bit of wallpaper..l've got the bug now lol

Thinking about changing the wallpaper in our bedroom for Christmas too, if l don't run out of time that is 'cos the two lounge sofas are really desperate, think l am going to have to make time for them this year and not next

have fun all x

Jo thanks for the Noo Noo cards Phil was real chuffed with them and 
Annie lovely little thank you card from your daughter
must get over with the other baby pressie hehe 
hugs xx

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Busy Busy Busy....

90% finished and what is left will only take about an hour or so, all in a great 4 days
Added a slash of colour today.....

even managed a bit of Christmas shopping too...
and tomorrow who knows where l will paper.....?
almost finished another 20 star for the blanket too

have fun x

Saturday 26 November 2011

Last of the 'to-do'list for this long weekend

We booked 4 days to complete the last few jobs before Christmas.....this weekend was it

We wrote the most important jobs down and got stuck in

1 Finish preparing the wall in bathroom for the wallpaper
2 Tile and grout the last splash back in the kitchen 
3 Do the tiled skirting in the bathroom
4 Decide on how to cover and finish the boxed in pipes in bathroom..We bought more tiles for this job
5 Cut the oak step into my craft room to finish the doorway
6 Finish the tile skirting in the dining room and kitchen
7 Seal bath and sink in bathroom
8 Seal the newly tiled worktop in Kitchen
9 Finish painting the last couple of doors
10 Seal all the oak sills and stair tops
I spread the adhesive and Phil stuck them on the wall and did the couple of cuts and we had the 75 tiles on in about an work lol
Even had time to sit and make another star in the evening too

Not bad going for the 1st day 5/10 jobs completed and l was up at 5 this morning with a cuppa and a pot of grout so all the tiles on, have been grouted now too
Hoping to add a picture shelf along the top of the tiles for all the pictures the wall won't take a shelf for heavy items which was my original idea

Need to go out at lunch time so not sure what we will get done today but hopefully something off the list
What doesn't get done this weekend will have to wait until New year
Enjoy your weekend everyone x

Thursday 24 November 2011

Mini Layered Crochet Box Stars

Sweet dreams..
basic link
I did say there would be a pattern, but l've made everyone in a slightly different way so if you use the basic star pattern and be creative

When you have finished the star front.... 

SC in every stitch with no increase or decrease for 5 or more rows, 5 rows for the small ones 8 or 9 for the cushion size and 20 rows for a big, big star
crochet a similar size star for the back and SC it together or make a fabric star back
Black and white alternate stripes in SC works really well, but use any two colours that you like

l have hundreds of little flower/motif experiments hanging around so l've layered some of the mini stars with these

The stars are suspended on strings that
are pulled up in the daytime and let down
at night.

-Babylonian Mythology, 3000 B.C.

When you work with lots of coloured yarns do you end up with a bucket mess?

Just like this one...and i'm afraid to say there are a few of these i'm trying to get though

Do you throw it away or spend time sorting it out?
l LOVE sorting these messes out while watching TV, very satisfying 

The star blanket needs two more long rows and then l think a couple of row in length, having laid it on the single bed, l think that should be big enough
so 60 done and  34 stars to go...l hope
Are you having problems taking decent pictures?
The day light is so bad these days, and we haven't reached the proper winter yet

I'm afraid i had the munchies last night and attacked the advent calendars..oops!
So that's 5 chocolates that need replacing...better than last year though l ate them all twice before they got to the people they were meant for lol

Hope all in the USA have a Happy Thanksgiving today

Wednesday 23 November 2011

In Need of Colour

An easy way of colour combining...punched circle 
One of the inspirations for the Star cushions...
some stunning work from BUNTENADEL...and an E book 

Inspired by some stunning quilters too...
Melody at Fibermania.. absolutely stunning, colourful quilts and fused Wall art Quilts

Thanks Kate  for reminding me l love all these stunning colours
Have a fun filled day x

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Sweet Dreams All...

Crochet Mini Cushions..

Do you always want to keep the rubbish...'cos it might make something?
Me too...
so l made a few mini's..
with the left over foam from the full size cushions
almost got three cushions and a couple of mini cushions
Enjoy your day x

Monday 21 November 2011

More Spike stitch, bobble stitch Crochet and Layered Stars

Lots of Crochet layer stars...
are appearing on my table right now..
Quite a few CROCHET stitches too, are finding their way into the Star playtime
The Spike stitch from August last year...
perfect for the centres of the crochet stars...
I need to return to this project and re-do the this space!
Crochet Bobble stitch from a great texture 

have found their way into the next star blanket l will make..

loving the layered stars so much l think it will make a great wall hanging for the stair wall..a big space just waiting to be filled
Enjoy your Monday x

Sunday 20 November 2011

Crochet Puff Stitch Flowers..fill up the holes perfectly

Tried a crochet Bobble stitch Star late last night and found my lost bag of puff stitch flowers too...couple of them will fit perfectly in the holes, so James will be happy, you know how he hates holes lol

might even add a few to the cushion too..

Enjoy your Sunday xx

Saturday 19 November 2011

Crochet Box Star Cushion...front and sides

Decided to make the Star a box cushion...foam inside but it will be slightly softened with padding
found a few experiments l had made a couple of year ago when l first started crochet again so they might get stitched to the front too
I over did the size a bit, when l make another l will make it smaller, making straight sides with black and white stripes of the combination of bright colours and black and white
to finish it off make a foam cushion pad by cutting around the star cushion cover

More of the blanket least a couple of rows to add today
Link to shared work on ANNEMARIE'S CROCHET vote for your favourite too,
and iCROCHET take a peek at what people are up too this week
Have a fabulous weekend everyone x

Star Cushion Pattern Stylecraft by Susan Pinner

Click Link to pattern

Friday 18 November 2011

Crochet Star Cushion Afternoon Update

Not been back long, but it grew a little bit...hoping to have the front and sides finished by tonight
Lots of Spike Stitch in the new cushions
Mr T made a bed of my star blanket and l only looked away for a minute

Enjoy your evening morning where you are in the world

Crochet Star Cushion..well you just have to have a cushion to go with the blanket don't you?

A WIP right now and l'm really late...hope to have the cushion finished by tomorrow and l also made another row and a half of blanket stars too..on a roll
 Pattern to come 

bye for now
have a great Friday x

Thursday 17 November 2011

Star Blanket....overnight progress

Finished off these last few stars in bed so threw it around the bed a bit and l've changed my mind..again!
so this picture is about a third of the size l have decided to make, hope l don't change my mind again lol

The final blanket will have 128 stars and fit a single bed or be an end of bed throw for a double of king size

I did think it was a bit of a cop out on my part not making the bigger throw
With all the holes it needs to be on a bed rather than a lap blanket...James is right on that one

And this one, with the Daisy centre, l will give more thought too and work on it in the new year

Have a fun day xx

What are you working on today?....OUR CREATIVE SPACES would like to know
go and add your link and share your creativity with everyone

 If you want to join in and make a few stars PLEASE join this new Ravelry group
or add your own star projects to the group
I would be real grateful if you pass on the link to friends who might be interested....thanks

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Starry progress

Progress is going to look great with all the striped cushions don't you think?

Tried the other option of NO JOINING COLOUR...just the stars but with a white daisy middle for the possible second throw
and a random yarn for the points
But first l want to finish the one l have already started
so 3 completed rows 2 more ready to be joined and 4 to make..going for a slightly smaller throw with 77 stars and l am making two
 any suggestions for the edging?....always a problem edging Hexagons, don't you think?
Any one tried making a half hexagon at all?

A big thanks to Nora, who suggested l use sparkly metallic yarn to make my Christmas place mats 
a lot quicker than trying to do beaded ones and l think will work just a treat, washable too

Stars first though and l must finish the bobble hexagon too..oh! and socks and a hat for James, he put in his order and his blanket many days left 'till Christmas...ooops 38, how did that happen?

Hope your day is filled with colour too