Wednesday 30 November 2011

Wallpapered Guest bedroom...ready for Christmas visitors

Popped out to get the new bedroom wallpaper leaving Phil to put up the new wall light in the bathroom...
oh! dear the air was blue when l got back, ripped wallpaper and a large hole in the wall, as l climbed the stairs to see what the problem was, an even bigger hole appeared in the landing wall!!!!!!!
l didn't ask hehe
Just accessed the mess to my new bathroom wallpapering and got on with the bedroom
He wasn't a happy teddy bear lol

Wallpapering day two
Both the bathroom and the kitchen wallpaper went on like a dream yesterday
the bedroom one was a nightmare, just hope it dries out ok.......cosy though just how l hoped it would be
Bed isn't made yet......while l was papering the bedroom wall l thought white embroidered bed linen would look lovely..might be a bit expensive though

It looks a bit different from August last year..cosier l think
when l bought the new curtains but never got to the wallpapering
I could just use the black and cream bed linen l bought and has never been slept in yet..
Washed 'cos the door was left open and the cats tried it out so it went in the washer and has never been put back on the bed...not sure why!

Looing back, it has been through some changes I'm real chuffed with it finally
Single bedroom
The single bedroom is all red and white with a splash of turquoise with a few more hearts and cushions than in this picture..when the tools etc have been removed and tidied l will have to update the picture
Might even add a bit of wallpaper..l've got the bug now lol

Thinking about changing the wallpaper in our bedroom for Christmas too, if l don't run out of time that is 'cos the two lounge sofas are really desperate, think l am going to have to make time for them this year and not next

have fun all x

Jo thanks for the Noo Noo cards Phil was real chuffed with them and 
Annie lovely little thank you card from your daughter
must get over with the other baby pressie hehe 
hugs xx


  1. It looks lovely. I love the red and white bedroom.

    Emma xxx xxx

  2. they both look lovely and welcoming!

  3. Like the wallpaper. Our walls here are not smooth or straight so no wallpaper for us. If I came to your house, I would be really pleased with the room. Like the red and white too. You are a busy lass.

  4. You really are a talented interior designer - all so beautiful and distinctive!

  5. If you pop over to my blog you may see something you recognise which I put on my wall on Monday. Great minds .......... Heehee


  6. I wish you could bottle your energy - I'd buy a bottle, or a case of it! You're like a whirlwind! Everything looks like a glossy magazine spread. Bravo, my friend.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Glad you liked the cards - I am sure you will find something to do with them! I thought the Noo Noo pic looked just right sitting there. lol. Jo

  8. Fab pics of your house and it's progress. You have a way with colours....just gorgeous. Glad the cards all arrived safely. Look forward to a catch up soon.
    A x

  9. Its amazing what some wall coverings can do! This room looks fabulous. Love the little red n white one, too. You have a talent!