Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crochet Puff Stitch Flowers..fill up the holes perfectly

Tried a crochet Bobble stitch Star late last night and found my lost bag of puff stitch flowers too...couple of them will fit perfectly in the holes, so James will be happy, you know how he hates holes lol

might even add a few to the cushion too..

Enjoy your Sunday xx


  1. Gee Whiz,`re a marvel! Those little flowers go perfectly. Is it a Xmas gift and how do you manage to get the more mundane things in life done all the while?lol
    ps You need another follower to get rid of that unusual number you currently have!

  2. Love this and they are perfect fillers. So cute too! TFS.

  3. I just can't keep up with you girl :-) These are just fab.
    A x

  4. You are truly the clever one. Thanks for the info on how you did the pillow. It makes total sense. Will add it to the list, which I probably won't be getting to until 2012 at the rate I'm going.