Friday 23 June 2017

ONE OF MY ORIGINAL Daisy pattern, up date with a lacy join as you go

Daisy Granny Square wrap with a new update and lacy join as you go...


YARN: Rooster Aran in a selection of colours about 16, 4 in shades of green 
Black Aran as background
HOOK: 5mm

Ch5, sl st into circle, magic circle or a finger wrap of 4 wraps.
ROUND 1: 16sc into circle, sl st to complete (16sc)
ROUND 2: 8 Cluster sts. 2dc in first st, 2dc in second st, cluster tog, one in every 2 sts, with ch3 between each cluster making the 'FLOWER' sl st, to complete. (8 petals)
ROUND 3: 3dc ch3 3dc in the first corner, ch1 3dc in side sp, ch1 repeat for all sides, sl st to complete. (3granny shells for each side)
ROUND 4: join as you go black round. 3dc ch3 3dc in first corner, ch1 3dc ch1 3dc ch1 side, repeat for all sides, sl St to complete. ( 4granny shells for each side)

Make row of 3 motifs 13" (33cms) x about 14 rows may be 15 rows for a wrap around 60" (52.5cm)

Isn't that different, just repeat the same
3dc, ch3, 3dc, in the side space as well as the corners, join together using the middle ch st by replacing with a sl st into the square before 

Thursday 22 June 2017

Another Book 1 Granny Squares update option

A Slightly modified pattern from page 116 of my book 1 Granny Squares book... with a more lacy join for a totally different look to the square. Made in pastel shade of several brands of stone washed yarn and a  4mm hook

Differences from book: start with my favourite finger wrap 
4dc clusters instead of 3dc.

Use 2 colours for each square.


Round 4: Corners of 3dc ch3 3dc, ch7 sides, join in corners and 4th ch on sides as a sl st. 

Round 4: Corners of 3dc ch3 3dc, ch7 sides.
Round 5: 3dc, ch3 3dc, in corners and both side space, worked over the ch7 of round 3, repeat for each side.

make the centre motif with a finger wrap and 4dc clusters for round 3

Round 4: att. second col. in any sp, ch5 sc in next sp, repeat to end
Round 5: 6dc ch3 picot in corner 6dc sc in next ch5 sp, ch5, sc in next ch5 sp, repeat 

 Love the centre pattern using this method. Join as you go using the 

Always Love the secondary lacy patterns that appear when you join 4 or more together 

My second Book Granny Squares and Shapes has been short listed for the Lets knit awards if you feel you have enjoyed the book and would like to vote for me, I would love to have book 2 with an award too....Thanks xx

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Flower/Triangle trim PATTERN.

TAKING STOCK of Life and my blog....

I have found one or two old pattern from quite a few years back, badly written and lost! Or not easy to find, patterns i knew were there but even i found them really hard to find. This one i am going to remake in Colours to fit the new kitchen, soft blue's, grey, navy, black, cream and oatmeal.

This is one of the first of a few free pattern to come. I will be updated and rewriting, so they are now easier to follow.  

Just a quick update on the triangles and flowers from the rose print cushion inspiration


US Terms

6mm hook for 2 strands of DK or one of Chunky
5mm hook for Aran
4mm for DK

Magic circle 
Row 1: col.1. ch2 counts as first dc, 11 dc in circle, sl st to complete. [12dc]
Row 2: att. 2nd col. in any st, ch1, counts as first sc, 1sc in same st, 2 sc in each st, sl st, to complete. [24sc]
Row 3: att. 3rd col. in any st, ch2, dc in first st, dc in next 2 sts, dc, ch2, sl st, into same st, 
sl st into next st, repeat 5 times, sl st, to complete. [6petals]


6mm hook for 2 strands of DK or one of Chunky
5mm hook for Aran
4mm for DK

 Ch13 turn
ROW 1: sc in second st from hook, sc in next 11 st, turn. [12sc]
ROW 2 - 12 : Miss the 1st st at the start of every row, sc in each st. [equilateral triangle]
Att. to flower with last stitch or leave a long end and sew tog, join in the centre sp of one petal, sew off end securely.

Using Aran and a 5mm hook the Flower/triangle measures approx:
3.5" across x 6" in length
Chunky and 6mm hook will be slightly bigger and the DK and 4mm hook, will be slightly smaller


New blue/grey version 2017

as a blanket trim?

Sunday 4 June 2017

Felt Flower Rug

crochet a simple flower first then pop them into the washing machine to felt i used 
Filz Felting yarn 

Felted flower notes
Can't find the pattern for this exact flower but from the pictures I think the pattern should work
Filz-it Felting wool is the yarn I used for the big flowers.

Another unbranded one slightly finer felting wool for the smaller ones

 Filtz-it says 9mm Hook
Finer Wool, probably a 7mm hook

PATTERN for 8 petal flower
US Terms 
Chain 6, sl st into a circle or a finger wrap of 4 wraps 
Round 1: 12sc into circle sl st to complete round (12 sts)
Round 2: 2sc in each st. sl st to complete round (24 sts)

Round 3: petals: Change colour,  Ch2, 1dc in first st, in second st, 2dc, in third st, 1dc, 2ch, sl st, into same st. (8 petals)

Sl st into 4st and repeat until you have 8 petals, sl st to complete round
wash in machine 40 degree wash
shape and dry

Layer flowers and add a large decorative, black button or leave without.

The plan was to make a rug of them but they got used for all sorts of decorative projects..might make a new version for my new kitchen in shades of grey 

Friday 2 June 2017

Bakewell Blue Blanket

A simple motif using the 12, 24, 36, rule, but using a cluster stitch for each round of the circle. The motif is made into a square on round 6.

 I have used chunky space dyed yarn in 4 colours to make a 6"square. 

By using a random dyed yarn you will get several different shades of the same motif and will need to arrange them with the lighter ones in the centre and the darker ones to the outside area of each block of 36 motifs.

Yarn: BellaLana, Dream in 3 shades, cream mix, grey mix and a pale blue/green mix and a dark blue, for the final round in Marble
OR: Use the beautiful shades of Marble chunky as an alternative 

5mm hook
Motif: approx 6" square

Make: 144 X 6" Motifs for a 6' square blanket.

CLUSTERS: Half make the dc, hold last loop on hook and draw yarn through all stitches to complete the cluster st.

Pattern: US Terms.

grey mix, finger wrap of 6 wraps
Round 1: cont. in grey mix, 12sc into circle, sl st to complete. [12sc]

Round 2: cont. in grey mix, ch3 counts as first dc and ch1 sp, dc in next st ch1, repeat to end sl st to complete. [12 'spokes', ch1 between]
a little hard to see the 'spokes' in the chunky yarn, it fills the space 

Round 3: cream mix, 3dc clusters, [half make dc hold on hook, draw last pull through, through all stitches on hook], in each ch1 sp, ch2 between, repeat to end, sl st to complete. [12 clusters of 3dc, ch2 between]

Round 4: grey mix, try to keep the lighter grey to gather and the darker grey together, 4dc clusters, in each ch2, sp, ch3 between, repeat to end, sl st to complete. [12clusters of 4dc, ch3 between]

Round 5: pale blue/green mix, 2 x 3dc clusters, with ch2 between in each ch3 sp, ch1 between each pair of clusters. sl st to complete. [12 pairs of 3dc clusters, ch2 between clusters and ch1 between each pair]

Round 6: dark blue, att yarn between a pair of clusters, 2tr, ch3 2tr, corner, 2dc in next sp, 2hdc in next 3sp, 2dc in next sp, repeat for 3 more sides sl st to complete. [14sts each side, ch3 corners]

JOIN AS YOU GO: Using a sl st into the spaces and replace the the middle ch st in each corner to join the squares together. OR you could make up all the squares and then join with  ch3 loops ch5 at corners. OR you can use your favourite joining method...there are lots to pick from. 

TO COMPLETE: Not completed the blanket yet but the plan is to add a few rounds of close 'V' sts. to match a 'V' st, cushion 

Using the random dyed yarn  you will get several shaded square from light to dark. 
Arranging them in a pleasing design before joining them together.

what a blanket in non random dyed yarn could look like this.

 mix two motifs together would look like this