Wednesday 30 November 2016

16 Cowl, Scarf, wrap PATTERNS


Aran favourite for blankets grows so quickly and very warm...this is a selection of Stylecraft Batik and Life mixed together to give 20 shades of Aran weight yarn and there are 30 shades in the Aran Special already if you want solid flat colours 

the Aran yarn pack in Parchment from the blog tour the colours in this pack just 

added a couple of extra shades, Camel and Plum and Fern for the triangles and hexagons

             i've made up so many of my old patterns and updated the look with this pack....

reposted pattern from 2013

slight variation in stitch 

Wave pattern here

even the back of the wave looks great too...

back of the wave at the bottom of the picture 

ssssh! Christmas presents 

New Flower pattern for  January 2017

Monday 28 November 2016

Aran yarn Large Layered Flower

Monday, 17 June 2013


dk yarn and 4mm hook
2 Rounds of petals

3 Rounds of petals

one, two, and three rounds of petals in picture above 

Each petal gets bigger by 1dc each round...up to 3 rounds of petals the ch loops are all 3ch long

Make a 2 finger magic circle
 ROUND 1: 24dc into the circle, sl st to complete round.

ROUND 2: start in any st, ch4, miss a st, dc in the next st, ch2, miss a st, dc in the next st,
repeat until round complete, sl st to finish round.
12 'Spokes' made

ROUND 3: Start in any ch2 space, ch2, 2dc, ch2, sl st, in the same space, (fist petal)
sl st, into the next ch2 space and repeat, ch2, 2dc, ch2, sl st, into same space....repeat until you have 
all 12 petals, sl st into the first ch st of first petal, to finish round.

ROUND 4: attach the yarn between any petal, ch3, sc in st between the next two petals, 
the chain loops should be behind the petals of round 3, Don't worry if they aren't at this stage.
 When all the chain 3 loops are complete sl st, into the first loop.

ROUND 5: (ch2 as first dc) do 3dc, ch2, sl st into first chain loop, repeat until all 12 petals are formed.
 sl st to complete round

 ROUND 6: attach the yarn between any petal, ch4, sc in st between the next two petals, the chain loops should be behind the petals of round 5

ROUND 7:continue in the same colour, ch2, 4dc, ch2,sl st into the first chain loop, repeat in each chain loop of round 4, until you have 12 petals.

basically each petal sits behind the one in front and gets bigger by 1dc each round and the chain loops get a little bigger as the layering adds more rounds


I made this Aran version with sc in rounds 1 and 2, instead of dc.
Because of the extra bulk in the yarn i found i didn't need as many stitches for some rounds
5mm hook and Aran weight yarn 
CENTRE RING: Finger wrap of 8 wraps,
ROUND 1: Ch1, counts as first sc, 23sc into ring, sl st, to complete, cut and weave in ends. [24sc]
ROUND 2: Att. new col. sc, ch2, miss a st, sc, ch2, miss last, repeat to end sl st to complete. [12 x ch2 loops]
Add petals...
1ST ROUND OF PETALS: ch2,counts as first dc,  2dc ch2 sl st...for each petal sl st, into next ch2 loop and repeat.
2ND ROUND OF PETALS: working from the back, ch3 loops, sc between petals,  work petals from the front ch2,
 3dc, ch2 for each petal sl st.
3RD ROUND OF PETALS: work ch loops from the back and the petals from the front,
ch3 loops,between petals, ch2, 3dc, ch2, sl st.
4TH ROUND OF PETALS: work the ch, loops from the back and the petals from the front,
ch4 loops, between petals,  ch2 4dc, ch2, sl st.