Thursday 31 March 2011


Started at 8.30 going well...half way around the last flower with the last but one round
I could see that if l kept at it this blanket would be finished by the evening, quite chuffed l was and 9 days to go until the dead line...
The phone went!
Friends on the way over, so visitors stopped play...and l can't see me getting back to it until next week

A ton of garden chippings are being delivered today and we will be filling the spaces and finishing off the circular lawn
All ready and waiting and although it is still a bit grim out there right now, the sun is trying to make an appearance
all tidied and extra soil dug out to give some depth just waiting for the chippings to arrive

We will throw some paint around inside while we wait 
Fire Pit ...
or a portable one?...
more closed in?...
may be better because l'm thinking of adding it plus comfy seating just outside the conservatory doors like a small outdoor sitting room and it will be about 12' square..not a huge space

SOME SCREENING NEEDED... hide the drive and the temporary Bertie mess

slightly see through?
more solid?
with plants across the top?
or move the portable gazebo and close off one side like this outside a conservatory?
lots of lovely ideas to think about
Sun coming out so off to get James his breakfast and wait for the gravel
Have a terrific Thursday everyone
Hugs x
sorry again if you called back to see the finished blanket

Wednesday 30 March 2011

All out effort to finish NooNoo's blanket....

Day off from the garden today, on my own too, so an all out effort to complete the flower blanket ready for the VW Camper show on the 9th April
More than half are almost ready to attach with the join as you go method..then to do or not to do a finishing round or two?
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
Hugs xx

Monday 28 March 2011

Very very quick this morning didn't wake up early like l usually do...unheard of
James has turned up and caught me still in bed, he is here to help me get some jobs finished this week...
wasn't sure he would turn up this morning, but right on time he is!!...
and l'm not even up yet oooops!
Yesterday was another great garden day...another job done in only a couple of hours hold ups, no problems, and all straight forward!..another unheard of lol

Tad dahhh...5 new 6' fence panels up in about 3hours
the old green ones (l hate green painted wood in gardens lol) were falling apart
very similar panels but much stronger panels and a natural wood much better and they make the garden look bigger too
What a look?....Mr T spent the whole time outside with us watching what we did and climbing the Cherry trees just outside the garden wall lol
One side completed 9 more to do the other side though
Digging out the corners of the lawn today I think ready for the cream gravel delivery sometime the end of this week...coming together slowly
James is calling so up l must him he's made me a cuppa
Have a Marvellous Monday everyone
off to do some digging!
evening update:
gets a lot messier before it gets prettier
lovely day for it though!
4 corner spaces for the white/cream gravel being delivered on Thursday
going to be loads better with wider walk ways

Fallen into bed really early worn out, we finished all the log edging and removed about 10 sq. meters of turf, just need to dig out a bit more soil in places and fill with the gravel on Thursday
Hugs xx

Sunday 27 March 2011


We went bathroom shopping yesterday...whey hey!!!
Found an off set bath by JACUZZI, (not my picture and slightly distorted looks deeper and shorter than it really is) we thought it would fit, if we moved the sink or the door 
But we came home and did a to scale plan on this site...BATHROOM PLANNER 
and on re-measuring the bathroom again, to add to the planner it fits!!
We will need to moved the sink and fit the bath on the back wall but it fits!.....ooops sorry Phil
What do you think?
and l knew l wanted a smooth simple line to the loo..found a few at 
Pipeline..great show room
so excited l

We knew the family bathroom needed an up date when we moved in, but over the last couple of months things have started to drop off in my hand! lol
The taps are tight and need new washers, the shower.... not brilliant and leaks through the kitchen ceiling if used and the suite is beige and the tiles are black..ugh hate them

We measured up and off we went....eventually finding what we liked, at a reduction too, think the bath is being discontinued
I sat in it in the shop and it's going to be perfect....bubbles a few candleas and a glass of happy bunny!
It has made all the other jobs that need doing fade away a bit...well for now lol
One more job off the list soon, anyway!

Have a super Sunday everyone
hugs x

Saturday 26 March 2011

Sunshine and soil...and the promise of a rainbow of colours

Really can't believe the fabulous weather we have had this last couple of days so outside 
with the trowel l went
Still lots to do to make the garden ours..the very low winter temperatures have killed a couple of plants and  a couple l wanted to get rid of before adding the plants l like best...
l have a Camellia, 2 Honeysuckle, 1 perfumed, 3 Hydrangeas, a double white Hollyhox, a white Cistus and some architectural plants plus a few other to go in this morning....
Funny isn't it?....only a teeny tiny border to fill, you buy what seems like lots of plants,
 but when you place them they seem to get lost in the space!

Hostas and Lilies 
l Love Hostas and had several varieties at the old house but it also had bucket fulls of slugs and snails, so l lost half of them.....
This garden doesn't seem to have many of the little devils, so l want to add more this year
lime green with a green edge, a dark green one and a green with a cream edge....had mine with a fern in a tube and l didn't bring the fern so l'll need one of those too!

Lilies are another real favourite
and are all coming up ready for a wonderful show of colour in tubs
orange, pink, pale pink, white and cream all coming through in pots..ooooh can't wait to see them bloom again
Not a lover of roses but there are 2 miniature ones in this garden and l pruned them hard last year 
They look very healthy as does the... 
that Phil pulled up and just shoved in a pot!....
l went mad told him it wouldn't survive and l was leaving it rather than kill it...proved me wrong another one that is looking good and covered in new leaves

Remember the fabulous Wisteria from last year?
BEAUTIFUL ISN'T IT?....and l didn't realise what it was until a friend told me..
I always wanted a l have one...l hope!
We retrained it across the front of the house and around the corner of my craft room
Please please please let it flower as well this year's covered in buds so fingers crossed!

Not so warm this morning but lots of plants to go in catch ya later lovelies
Have a wonderful weekend
hugs x

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.  - Emma Goldman  

Thursday 24 March 2011

Brupbrup and blankets

Yesterday evening all of a sudden Brupbrup shot off the chair and sat in front of the TV....a programme about bird song and the differences between country and town birds and how they don't recognise each others song.......
Brupbrup recognised both..even if the actual birds didn't!
Visitors stopped play..well only a bit, and we had a lovely lunch outside and it's not even April yet!
Another lovely day again today so all the washing will be completely finished dried outside, folded and put away by bed time tonight..lovely!
Good progress with NooNoo's blanket too
24 blooms needed to finish the last round and l'm making them in bulk...4 in each of 6 colours mostly yellow but some orange and a smattering of green
2 Attached and 22 in the making....hoping to be at least half way round by tonight but must do some gardening today before the weather turns again

Some comments about my lone Daffodil in a very large
not sure why it was there even!
But made me feel like Spring is definitely around the corner..such a cheery colour aren't they?
"Daffodils" (1804)
I WANDER'D lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.........

Pleased to say there are lots more in the front garden all waving at us
Have a terrific Thursday everyone
hugs x

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Holiday shopping and NooNoo's blanket calls

Did a little bit of shopping while on sarong, clip and some costume jewellery...
the back ground colour is greener than it looks in the picture though...
HOW TO TIE A SARONG...brill video link
a few more beads to add to the collection too...
these will go well with another sarong l have...ready for next time!
and l might make a green and blue jacket after the multi coloured one l'm on right now..another project l hoped to finish for the 9th!
Something like this with the last row left off
after all the large flowers and motifs l've been working on lately l really have enjoying the teeny tiny size medallions l took away with me....didn't do much but it was really an experiment for the posh frock grew a little bit in the 1st few days but after that l read instead
takes a while 'cos it's only about the size of a 10 pence piece..
I must get on with the final round of NooNoo's blanket, time is running out,
it's needed for the 9th April...only just over 2 weeks to finish it

A yellow and green round to finish it off....but the good weather we have returned too means the garden is calling again but l must try and do a few flowers every day until it is finished
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
Hugs xx 

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Still a Mountain to climb!

After a sort of long lie in and breakfast in bed yesterday, the mountain was tackled, but it still seems to be huge..don't ya just hate the washing after a summer holiday? lol
The Furballs were all well looked after and spoilt by James who cat sat for us, but l think they are happy to see us back home
we brought the sunshine back with us too..double figures and lots of gorgeous sunshine here yesterday and today...a real help with drying the mountain!
MALIBU PARK TENERIFE...3* and not bad at all for a cheapy holiday it was half way up the mountain though!.....well it felt like it in the first few days lol
It's on the edge of COSTA ADEJE and PLAYA DE LAS AMERICAS, sort of in the middle of both.

DAILY WORK OUT for free!...
 Because the apartments were so high up and when the aching calves got used to the climb and lots and lots of steps we felt we'd got a daily work out thrown in!
I certainly felt fitter because of the twice daily climb. It was warm and sunny but not hot. well not until the last two days so we also walked for miles and chilled more at the end of the holiday
Loved the place and we would certainly go back again

A small harbour to walk around 
and a walk way that went for miles around the coast both ways
overlooking the sea
and hotel gardens too...
sunsets to get lost in...
some great shopping centres..
and Bougainvillea by the bucketful...
a real favourite
and as the sun sets on another wonderful memory filled holiday
l won't drive you nuts with any more holiday snaps lol
but l'll just quote Kylie...
I have had a holiday, and I'd like to take it up professionally.
Kylie Minogue 

until next time!!!...please let it be soon
hugs to all xx

ps l took some crochet but didn't do much, not enough for pictures

Monday 21 March 2011

Been taking some sun...

Very quick post this morning not back into the swing of things yet arrived back about 3 this morning and didn't get to sleep until well after 4...and up again at 7!
It's been a great sun filled break with 2 great friends...

As we arrived a week last Sunday...ooops!
but it soon brightened up and we had a fabulous time with lots of blue skies...
taken from our apartment front door
beautiful gardens....
a windmill in Tenerife? lol
covered in lights at night...

some beautiful walks along a stunning coast line

and surrounded by spectacular mountians

all for now got a mountain of my own to deal

Hugs to all and thank you for the lovely comments all passed on to Carly
have a terrific Tuesday everyone
missed you all
Hugs xx