Wednesday 23 March 2011

Holiday shopping and NooNoo's blanket calls

Did a little bit of shopping while on sarong, clip and some costume jewellery...
the back ground colour is greener than it looks in the picture though...
HOW TO TIE A SARONG...brill video link
a few more beads to add to the collection too...
these will go well with another sarong l have...ready for next time!
and l might make a green and blue jacket after the multi coloured one l'm on right now..another project l hoped to finish for the 9th!
Something like this with the last row left off
after all the large flowers and motifs l've been working on lately l really have enjoying the teeny tiny size medallions l took away with me....didn't do much but it was really an experiment for the posh frock grew a little bit in the 1st few days but after that l read instead
takes a while 'cos it's only about the size of a 10 pence piece..
I must get on with the final round of NooNoo's blanket, time is running out,
it's needed for the 9th April...only just over 2 weeks to finish it

A yellow and green round to finish it off....but the good weather we have returned too means the garden is calling again but l must try and do a few flowers every day until it is finished
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
Hugs xx 


  1. Such beautiful jewellery and I love the colours in your flowers.

  2. Good luck with the juggling of gardening, crochet etc etc
    A x

  3. Thanks your teapots too lol real fun
    hugs x

  4. All of your work is just beautiful Suz! I'm so glad you're enjoying your vacation.

    Hugs XX

  5. Oh do produce the most beautiful things! How I wish I could meet you in person! Hey...were you on holiday in the US? It sure looked like my neck of the woods!!

  6. I found your blog a while ago through a post on The Garden Bell about The Flower Bed. I love your beautiful creations and use of color. It's a delight to visit every day and see what's new.

  7. Sooo pretty! Silly question, I know, but how do you use your sarong?...skirt, dress, swimsuit coverup?

  8. I love your new jewellery esp the turquoise.

  9. Suz.. I hate to admit to being jealous of your exotic trip. I'm stuck in Oregon where Spring is coming very slow due to cold and rain.

    Your pinks/lavender/orange flowers are a TREAT for my eyes.. "eye candy" definitely works to describe them.

    Hugssssss, Teresa

  10. Hello girl Friend

    You have good taste.

    Martha ( Costa Rica)

  11. Glad I found your blog - I'm a new follower!

  12. Thanks everyone...think l've mailed everyone
    forgive me if l missed someone out
    Hugs to all xx