Thursday 29 September 2011

Another new Plant and l wonder what this is?

Not been around much just lately sorry another new plant l just could n't resist... looks like waxed card board hehe but stunning
the plaster was removed today to reveal...who knows what?
and l'm not sure it should have been removed there wasn't a single sign of damp
Some ones ooops!!!!!!!

Crochet Bobble Blanket...
Been hiding away from the dust and working on the Red/jade/turq./ lime bobble blanket
doubled in size over the last couple of days
Sorting the cupboards out l found My Mum's box of cutlery all tarnished and black so 
l gave it a bit of a polish
Came up quite shiny but not sure l want to be polishing silver on a regular basis!
Enjoy your evening hugs xx

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Have you seen the PRINCETTIA yet?

Local supermarket had lots in and l couldn't resist a pale pink one
such a pretty colour..and only need watering once a fortnight in the Autumn/ winter and they can last for 6 months..WOW! what a bargain? 
Sunday night John the tiler left with just a couple of tiles to do each side of the dining room doors which needed removing for him to finish off the floor
With almost all the floor tiles are down, Phil and l got up real early yesterday and put back the removed kitchen units, and John came back at 4.30 to do the last couple of tiles.
Coming back on Wednesday night to do the tiled skirting..we ran out of tiles for that lol

Really starting to feel like home again
 Phil used a car jack to lift the slightly dropped units and got them all level again and we added a 300 unit to the end of the cooker it filled the space perfectly, although we thought it would over hang by 5mil it actually was EXACTLY to the end of the lucky was that?


Really LOVE this sort of look in the dining room...smaller scale obviously hehe 
 A round white table would fit the space a bit better and 4 different coloured chairs would look very colourful

Love the TULIP TABLE Eero Sarrinen Designed in the 1950's, believe it or not, and l wish l could afford an original but they sell for thousands, not something we can afford
But VERTIGO INTERIORS do a repro we could afford
not sure l want the 'set' though although l do love the matching Tulip chairs

Another design classic l LOVE from the 1960's the original 'S' chair called THE PANTON CHAIR after the
Danish designer VERNER PANTON

and they come in all the colours l want from VERTIGO INTERIORS

Love the CHARLES AND RAY EAMES chairs too...also a repro at VERTIGO INTERIORS

Still feeling the 4 different coloured chairs are more me

Ikea do a version of the TULIP too at a very reasonable £115 
I would sell my dining room table and chairs to help pay for the new, but still pondering on this one for now
What do you think.... Keep the old or go for the new look?

for Annie , M, B, and the Twins..all back together again, M is back on the maternity ward with the babies again..Annie thanks everyone for their good vibes

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs to all xx

Saturday 24 September 2011

A shiny new kitchen dining room floor...

Thanks everyone for all the love sent to Annie's family...M is on the mend but not out of the woods yet so keep her in your thoughts...all my Love and good wishes to you all

Our floor is looking shiny! lol
not quite half way by last night but John is hoping to get the main areas finished today and then will be back to do the cuts and the grouting tomorrow.....looking fab thanks John

Going to make such a difference to the space with the floor clean and shiny again
then next week they will make another mess removing the plaster from the one wall in the dining room
really l would like the whole wall down but not to be...wouldn't it be a lovely big family room as one big space but a very expensive job to do that so l'll have to be satisfied with it as it is 
Lettuce came down from her hiding place and sat with me for a good few hours yesterday....not often she wants a fuss...and back again today with me on the sofa..l'm honoured she usually likes to be on her own and away from everyone
aaah cute hey?...James calls her 'Lumpuss' hehe because she is a huge cat 

have a good weekend everyone
hugs to all xx
Keep getting better M.....Thinking of you all the time xx

Friday 23 September 2011

Say a prayer and send some Love

Just found out that my friend Annie, the Grandmother to two new beautiful twins born this week is in need of some hugs, lots of Love and a prayer or two

The Twin are doing great but their Mum has been taken quite poorly and has been in Intensive care for a while

Annie spotted the signs while on a visit with M and the Twins so she knew what was happening so M got the treatment she needed quickly
Get better soon M

If you have a minute pop over to Annies blog 'A Stitch in Time 'and leave M some love
or a prayer for her speedy recovery
or on Annie's Sister's blog' Twiglet,' who is keeping us all updated right now
l'm sure you wonderful, lovely people will send them as much 
Love as you can

thinking of you all xx

Thursday 22 September 2011

Mixing the crochet flower/star motif's

just changed the centre for the purple one
and look what arrived late yesterday....
Remember this post?
I wanted to do a patchwork finish to my craft room sofas  
Well the extra fabrics l needed to make them arrived last night
Excited or what?

Hope to get started asap....but leveller going down this morning, and John the tiler,will start the tiling tomorrow about 10ish 
The radiator was removed yesterday and the plaster comes off the walls sometime next week,
 Midlands Restoration....will be doing the repair work 
Movement at last so l'm a Happy Bunny
Fingers crossed we will be straight again by the end of October if not earlier

Hugs to all Have a Thoughtful Thursday everyone

Stop the habit of wishful thinking and 

start the habit of thoughtful wishes” 

Mary Martin.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Crochet stars..join with white

'Join as you go' SC one in every stitch with 3 at the points
The White Frosting
Have a wonderful Wednesday 
hugs to all x

Tuesday 20 September 2011


Tried a pastel version, in single strand of DK...l never work in single strand......and a 4mm hook...never!

Join as you go and just stars this time, no sc or fill-ins, just tiny stars, well tiny compared to my usual that is
If it wasn't for all the holes it would make a very pretty baby blanket
Look what happened when l went to get dinner ready.....oh dear me what a mess!
Can you see the ears back?..he though l was going to shout l think hehe
Took a bit of sorting out l can tell you
oooh! naughty Brupbrup 

SORRY about the Hooky output, but with no house work to do right now, there is
nothing else for me to do but make a dent in my craft room sofa and play hooky hehe


Bit of an update on the mess out
radiator off the wall tomorrow, plaster off sometime next week and fingers crossed the tiler can come in soon
we got the OK for laying ceramic tiles instead of laminate..yeeeeeeeeeeeh!

hugs to all x

Crochet Flower in a star..ready for Christmas 2011

Great way to use all those ends....
Did you know there is only 95 days to go..Crafters beware lol

With 3 Different ways to join them together
A Midnight sky.....a complete fill-in
White Frosting....
Simply string them together as a garland...
And simple and quick to make...

Have fun

Have a Terrific Tuesday
Hugs to all xx
a migraine is brewing and l need to close my eyes for a while
Grandma Annie....Congratulations Twice over
huge hugs to all xx

Monday 19 September 2011

Pattern for the Little chunky Bobble Flowers

Stand alone Chunky Flower Pattern

This Sample above l used 3 Strands of DK 9mm Hook
But you could make it with 2 strands and a 6mm hook
US Terms UK terms in brackets

Base: finger wrap of 4 wraps, or ch4 sl st, to make a circle (4sts)

Round 1: (ch1 counts as first sc), 8sc [8dc], into circle, sl st to complete (8sts)

Round 2: Work from the back of the flower to make the bobbles, pop to the front
sc [dc], in any stitch, a cluster of 2tr [2dtr], in next st,  sc [dc], in the next st, a cluster of 2tr [2dtr], in next st, sc [dc], in next st, repeat until you have 8 cluster 'petals', sl st to complete, (8petals)

stitch to a variety of projects
Double Round Bobble Hexagon Pattern

Aran single strand, 4mm hook
2 chunky, 6mm hook
Can be made really super chunky with 3 strands DK and a 9mm hook
US Terms, UK Terms in brackets

Base: finger wrap of 4 wraps,sl st to secure.

Round 1: (ch2 counts as first dc, [tr] ), 12dc [12tr], into circle, sl st to complete. (12sts) 

Round 2: Work from the back of the motif to make bobble pop to the front.
Att. yarn in any st, a cluster of 2tr [2dtr], in the same st, repeat in each st, sl st to complete. 
(12 bobbles)

Round 3: return to the right side of the motif,
Att. yarn in any st, 2dc [2tr],  in the first st, 1dc [1tr], in the next sts, repeat 2dc [2tr], 1dc [1tr], to end,  sl st to complete. (36sts)

Round 4: NOTE: Working from the back of the motif to make bobbles pop to the front.
Att. yarn in any st, ch1 counts as first sc, a cluster of 3tr,  in the next st, sc in next st, cluster of 3 tr in next st, repeat to end of round, sl st to complete. (18 bobbles)

Round 5: Att. yarn in st between bobbles,  (ch2 counts as first dc),  3dc in first st,  sc in the next 5sts, repeat 5 more times, sl st to complete. (6 sides in total)
 Round 5 is the join as you go round, using a sl st, to join every st.

This is the original Pattern but with a Chunky Flower stitched to the centre

Original Bobble Hexagon Pattern
Made with 2 strands of dk, with a blend of two different colours for each round
joining round in Aran, slightly lighter weight of yarn.

BASE: Magic circle, pull tight after round1.

Round 1: (ch2 counts as first dc [tr]), 12dc [12tr], into circle,  sl st to complete. (12sts)

Round 2: (ch2 counts as first dc [tr]), 2dc [2tr], in each st,  sl st to complete. (24sts)

Round 3: (ch 2 counts as first dc [tr]), 2dc [2tr], in first sts, 1dc [tr], in next st, repeat to end, sl st, to complete. (36sts)

Round 4: NOTE: work bobbles from the back of the motif, to make bobbles pop to the front.
att. yarn in any st, (ch1 counts as first sc [dc]), cluster 2tr [2dtr], in the next st,  sc [dc], in the next st, repeat the bobble and sc alternately until you complete to end,  sl st, to complete. (18 bobbles)

Round 5: Return to the front of the motif. This is the join as you go round, use a sl st after every st to join.

 (ch2, counts as first dc [tr]), 3dc [3tr], in first st, sc [dc], in the next 5sts, repeat to end,  sl st to complete. (6sides)

Have fun hugs to all 
A Flower in a Star for Christmas tomorrow.....hope you'll pop back to see

Sunday 18 September 2011

Double Bobble Stitch Crochet Flowers

Lots of playtime today...some little chunkies 
some double chunkies...
and more double chunkies...
and more chunkies...with a different colour conbo
some with a brown backgound...
 and some with a pale grey back ground
but mostly lots of colour...
almost the same pattern but some differences 
Pattern bed and waiting to see the new series of 
been waiting for this to start for weeks
Enjoy your evening
Hugs to all x

Saturday 17 September 2011

Second Crochet Flower Cushion with Bobble Stitch Edging

Back to fun Crochet hey?...far more interesting than wet walls  lol
The bag of Flowers l found have been made into a colourful flowery cushion front 
I added a lime SC border...3 rows of SC, after joining with a row of Lime SC
Adding a ruby red Bobble edging

Reminds me of a my Grannies vintage tea cosy hehe
 The Flowers are a simple flat Flower petals made with 2 chain 2Trebles 2 chain and a sl st into next stitch and repeat, but when you add the leaves and back ground they curl up a bit
l'm not unhappy about that though
Love the mix of Lime and Ruby red bobbles
Makes a simple crochet version of the pompom edging you can get on cushions today
I only added one more hex to the lap blanket yesterday the crochet flowers filled my day

No idea what to do for the cushion backs this time..thinking cap on while we add the new glued door to our bed room 
3 down 10 to go! lol

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs to all xx

Friday 16 September 2011

Not as bad as it could have been...

the plaster has got to come off the wall in the dining room and what was the old outside wall in the kitchen
Another mess to deal with, but it could have been worse l suppose the other walls are all dry enough to leave alone
Just waiting for Phil to come home from work and see what he says
oh well another challenge to face hey?

Just a bag of Crochet Flowers l found

Tried a bit of a tidy up yesterday..bit of a larf!....with piled furniture and glued doors on my craft table
But l found a bag of flowers and started to make them into squares
They have been hiding in a bag for months and l can't remember it its a flower l made up or saw some where

Phil decided he wanted to try and remodel one of the doors we have bought yesterday afternoon so it's clamped and drying on my craft table with all sorts of weights on it for now
and l'm hiding in the craft room away fro the sauna in the rest of the down stairs playing a waiting game for now lol...
The dryer guy coming back sometime today, not sure when, but l was up early, washed end dressed 
just in case
Gone back to making a few more of the bobble hex's today in the red/pinks turquoise and lime
I'll try and make that grow a bit today

People keep asking me about 'ends' with changing colour all the time and how l deal with them

Because l almost always use a double strand of DK tying ends around stitches to anchor them is made yes l do tie ends but l also put them through a few stitches and then 
crochet over the top and bed them in
I nip off tiny bits that pop out as l work, but find after a wash or blocking has happened they sort of bed in better any way
Ends on the last row l would needle thread and push into the work

Have a Fabulous Friday everyone
Thanks again for all the dry certificate wishes 
Hugs to all xx

Thursday 15 September 2011

Slight Bobble Edge Modification this morning

Started to complete the bobble edging this morning and decided it was a bit 'frilly', a bit heavy for the cushion, so l un did it and started again....a lot quicker too one bobble every 4th stitch with SC in the 3 in between stitches.....looks more like the tiny pompom edging you can see on cushions
I'm happy just need to add a back to it
just a little bit more spaced out
What a dramatic sky this morning at 5 o'clock.....

Only about 10 pints out of the dryers yesterday...and one day left to go
pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let the walls give a dry reading tomorrow

Have a Terrific Thursday everyone
Hugs to all x