Tuesday 31 July 2012

Not a good week...

Thinking I had plenty of time to finish the 'you know what' I became ill through the week and ran out of time..doooh!
So Fridays deadline slipped.
Feeling better by this weekend I have just about managed to finish the 'you know what' this morning. Last chapters sent to the lovely Virginia at GMC, with just a small package to go via snail mail this morning.
Fingers crossed only amendments to do after that.......pheeeew! So glad it is all finished.

Been a bit of a nigh mare weekend, lost headings and spacings and unsaved work, but all over now so crossing everything and hoping it arrives safe and sound and no serious problems occur.


First for this week I want to recommend a couple of yarns
I've been a big lover of JAMES C BRETT yarns for a long time but this is the first time I have used
COTTON-ON 50% Cotton 50% acrylic
Not a bad selection of colours, so soft, doesn't split when you hook it and a real pleasure to work with.

The second yarn is WENDY: PURE100% Bamboo ribbon 
Another soft, easy to use, none splitting yarn that is easy to use and gives a lovely result and an eco-fibre too

Both well worth buying.

James is back from a week with his friend and his family in Barcelona and Llafranc. 
Can't wait to catch up and see his photos and get a hug too.

Hoping to get back to blogging normal again this week 
so catch you all later
Hugs to all x

Monday 23 July 2012


6 Months of woolly debris to clear up next week
What a mess hey?
 months of not putting away and a cat invasion..they all cook in here in the summer but they all love it.
Next week I will hopefully take a couple of days to sort it all out.....
Then I can start all over again and make another mess lol

Almost finished the first Mandala Cushion
Just needs the fastening...zip may be 
Back to the book this week so catch up next
hugs to all x

Sunday 22 July 2012

Garden pots doing well

going to remodel the garden a bit soon and just have pots I think, they seem to be doing the best
Lunch in the garden again today I think
Mandala mats?...might be an idea, but this one should be a finished cushion by tonight

Have a great Sunday Everyone hugs x

Saturday 21 July 2012

A Mandala or two...

 I have been playing again more on The 8h Gem click the link for future pattern 
good to be getting back to blogging again
Hugs to all x

Tuesday 17 July 2012


All the projects are completed and posted....although no feed back yet so fingers crossed

It's the last two weeks of written text to do and then...who knows?

Writing a Crochet Book has not been an easy task for me....
It has been six months of ups and downs, lots of self doubt and a few terrifying moments and a number sleepless nights. 
But, most of all a great sense of achievement, I was so close to giving up on more than one occasion, 
I can tell you. So glad I gave it a go.

Now, almost at the end of a journey, I will be able to look back on it all and say most of it 
was a lot of fun.

Only down side is sitting for 16hours a day crocheting like mad....well shall we say I won't be asking does my bum look big in this?...DON'T ANSWER THAT.

There is a lot of decorating to do, my garden is groaning under the weeds, the pile of to-do sewing has grown to a mountainous size and 
my own crochet projects are screaming to get out of my head.
My craft room?........a disaster area 
Can't wait to get back to on-line friends, blogging daily and sharing a few ideas

Not a related picture, just a splash of colour to share.
 A new towel, actually more of a sheet really.
 It's huge and great inspiration for a new crochet project don't you think?
My new shopper, Phil bought me for my Birthday a few weeks back.
Adore all the colours.

bye for now.

Hugs to all xx
Hoping to share a few patterns with friends  in August