Monday 23 July 2012


6 Months of woolly debris to clear up next week
What a mess hey?
 months of not putting away and a cat invasion..they all cook in here in the summer but they all love it.
Next week I will hopefully take a couple of days to sort it all out.....
Then I can start all over again and make another mess lol

Almost finished the first Mandala Cushion
Just needs the may be 
Back to the book this week so catch up next
hugs to all x


  1. It sure is a beautiful mess! Good luck with the clean up! Have a lovely week. Tammy

  2. Looks pretty normal to me :) You have a lovely craft room - have fun 'tidying it up'. The colours of your mandala are so nice - remind me of a tropical lagoon. xoxox

    1. Thanks I always say you can't be a propa crafter and not have a mess most of the time hey? lol

  3. Wish my messes were as colourful as yours :-)
    A x

  4. That's not a mess its just a sea of hooky gorgeousness! x Jo

  5. Looks wonderful to me! I thought that was a body lounging on your sofa underneath the pink throw - on closer inspection I can see it's a couple of cones of wool but they do look ever so like legs with pink slippers at the ends!Lovely Mandala cushion and great that you're recycling the square cushion pads for round ones!Have a good week,Suz.x

  6. It's a mess alright, but a gorgeous mess!
    I love your cushion.

    Groetjes, Monique

  7. It's an inspiring, gorgeous mess, which is the best kind of mess!

  8. I'm still in love with your green circle, but it looks pretty complicated! I love your mess. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Dear Sue,
    I habe never seen such a beautiful mess. :-)
    I would say, it looks creativ.

  10. Nowhere near as messy as my work room - but then mine also cluttered with fabric (rolls, stacks, upholstery/curtain fabric & quilting Fq's + yards of all sorts)
    When I get a new delivery of wool/cotton its case of where can I squish it in!!
    Have fun sorting it out - just what I have been doing today ..... now to start my new quilt project (one of many to do!!) Plus of course ALL the crochet projects!

  11. Lovely, lovely mess!
    Susanne :)

  12. Thanks everyone for the nice things you have all said about the 'MESS'...still there I'm afraid but hoping to get to it asap.
    Bit of hooky first though, having with drawl symptoms after doing days of writing..glad it is all over and I can get back to blogging normality
    Hugs to all xx